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    Hi! I just wonder about making cards with SBM. What size do I use to get greeting card etc.?
    I dont want a card that is the size of a scrapbooking album...
    I hope someone understand what I mean...

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    Depends on what size your card paper is. I make 1/2 fold cards so go to "Page" at the top toolbar, then "Size". Change size to 8.5 x 11 for regular paper. Then I show the ruler on my work space. Go to "View" then Show Ruler. I make the front cover to the right side and put something on the left side that will become the back cover. Then I decorate another page the same sizes which I will make the inside fold. Then when printing, I place one card stock in, print the outside cover then reprint on the same card stock but on the other side to become the inside fold. Hope that helps. I understand Angelwithin makes a lot of cards. She can maybe help you with other sized cards.

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      I will try that!