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  • Regarding a template from another site

    When I purchased the SBM software, one of the reasons that I did so was that it said I would be able to use templates from other sites. So, today I thought I would join a challenge over at DigiDiner site, and I just can't seem to be able to use their template. I did save the file in the SBM template area but I'm unable to open it up. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong? I would appreciate it! Thanks. Terry

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    Ah, Terry!!

    Max is great for templates but the extention of your new found template makes all the difference. If you have a Quick Page template with .jpg or .png can bring it in as an embellishment and plop on your page. But the program that created it is the program that translates it's contents. Max templates are Max templates with .smt extentions. We can't use other extentions in our Max template area. So dig it out and see if you can bring in through embellishments..Good luck!!


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      Thanks AW, I played around a bit and was able to get it in as a photo, but in doing all of that I played around with this site here...and found that I had been overlooking a wonderful supply of freebies at this site. I had fun with the challenge last week that was posted here, I'm looking forward to trying another. Thanks for your help.