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    I have just downloaded the trial a couple of days ago, and love how it is so easy to use. Before I buy full versions of both wedding and regular versions, I want to be sure I can use regular papers, backgrounds and kits that I download from other sites. I want a software program that is easy to use, without a huge learning curve, but gives me the flexibility, and design options. Any thoughts ? Also I am looking to print my pages in a shutterfly book. Anyone had experience with using your created Scrapbook Max pages in shutterfly 12x12 books. Thanks in Advance for your Help!

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    From your message, it sounds to me like Scrapbook MAX! will be a perfect fit. Here are some answers to your questions:


    You can use .jpg and .png files from other sites with Scrapbook MAX!.

    Simply download and save elements you've found to a folder that you have designated for your scrapping items. Next open up Scrapbook MAX!. Then open up the folder where you have saved your scrapbooking stuff. Click on the item you want in your scrapbook and drag and drop it into Scrapbook MAX!. You will be asked what you want to import the image as (photo, embellishment, etc.). After you click ok, the item will be on your scrapbook page.

    Remember that there are TONS of freebies made and shared by our very own Scrapbook MAX! community members in the Sharing Corner.

    We also have fantastic kits professionally designed just for Scrapbook MAX! in our Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store.

    And, finally, our members regularly share the web addresses of great sites they’ve found where you can get free digital scrapbooking content in our Favorite Sites For Scrapbook MAX!-ers forum.

    Scrapbook MAX! lets you use all those great digital scrapbooking treasures you find and keeps growing with you!


    Scrapbook MAX! was designed to be easy-to-use right out of the box. To see Scrapbook MAX! "in action", take a look at our Video Tutorials at (especially our Overview video) which show you how simple and intuitive designing pages with Scrapbook MAX! really is.


    You can certainly upload layouts made with Scrapbook MAX! to a service like Shutterfly. I know that several of our members have used this service with great results (maybe some of them can jump in with their experiences?)

    Hope that helps!



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      Looking for answers

      Hi there,
      I am new to Scrapbook Max, but have enjoyed the ease of the program. I too, wanted to upload my pages to Shutterfly since I have used their photo book services. The templates offered on Shutterfly to use before uploading you pages (to make sure your designs are in the viewing area and not in the trimmed area) do not work with Scrapbook Max. I did find a site - Scrapbook-Elements that sells Shutterfly Templates that work with this program. They are very easy to use. The directions to upload to Shutterfly are easy and on Shutterfly's site. Hope that helps.....


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        Though you may not want to use Shutterfly's templates (i.e., the way they layout a page within a book) with your SBMAX pages, you can certainly upload your SBMAX .jpg pages (as full pages) to Shutterfly and have them create a bound book of your layouts. That's actually what I did with a Disney vacation album (12 x 12) - turned out very nice!



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          Recently, I did my wedding pages then I uploaded nearly 100 pages 12 x 12 in a Shutterfly book. I was SO SO happy with it! Since then, I uploaded a 8 x 8 from our First Christmas together and again, I'm so happy with it!

          The books are beautiful! The first book I did was an 8 1/2 x 11 but have since switched to the square sizes. I am happier with the squares. If you do an 8x8 layout then upload it into the 12 x 12, it works perfect for the full pages!

          Hope my personal experience helps!
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            Thanks Ladies! Your suggestions have really helped. I have played around with some layouts, and uploaded them into a test shutterfly album, and I think I can make this work. I just need to follow all the specs offered by shutterfly...300dpi resolution for finished layout pages. I think I'll be ok....however one really knows until the finished book is in hand and it turned out perfect. Can't wait to print my first one, thanks for the words of wisdom, I am alot less apprehensive about it now!