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    I am thinking about buying a craft robo and would value peoples comments as to whether it is worth the money. Also does anyone have one and is it easy to use, do you have to be good with computers and also artistic.
    Thank you

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    I did some research on the Craft Robo a while back.... (didn't buy one, but I did some serious looking)..... The Craft Robo and the Wishblade are essentially the same machine and (as I recall) the Craft Robo was the "original"... Both work through your computer for designs so you would need a certain level of computer skill, but I'm not really sure how tech-savvy you would need to be..... If anybody has (or knows) somebody with a Wishblade, perhaps they could fill the rest of us in on the specific details....
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      I have a Craft Robo. We use it primarily for cutting vinyl for SandBlasting/etching on glass and rocks. I have not cut much paper, etc. After we purchased I did MORE research and came to the conclusion the "crafty" cutters are VERY over priced considering their limitations of max force, size, etc. You can buy a regular <not marketed for crafts only> cutter for same money that will do SO MUCH more. I definitely would not buy from the same vendor I purchased from and would probably buy a used one on eBay that is much cheaper if i bought a Craft Robo again. PM me if you have some specific questions.
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        I belong to another site that is all about the Wishblade cutter but I don't own one yet. The owner of the site is very helpful as I too am interested in purchasing a cutter. There is a new cutter coming out in July which I am going to purchase just from what I have been reading. I am not sure if I am allowed to mention the yahoo group on here or not. Let me know if I can.
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          I LOVE mine!

          I purchased a Craft Robo about a month ago.

          The negative: not a lot of documentation, you are kind of figuring things out on your own or by finding forums like these for bits and pieces of information to figure out what's going on.

          The positive: totally awesome toy, when it is working as it should be! I think I've just about got it totally figured out and it is doing just wonderful things for me. The amazing thing is that I can cut out ANYTHING I want with never the need to buy a cartridge or a die. Any text that I can type on the computer can be created and manipulated and cut out. I've designed some totally fun little things that I would normally not have done as the cuts were so intricate. Now, once it is designed, I can cut as many as I wish without any problem at all.

          I've also discovered little pockets on the online community that seems quite helpful with helping newbies with their robos.

          I just started a wiki to store some information that I've been gleaning online about the robo -- if you're wanting to get other perspectives, feel free to join and post a message there to get other people's opinions.

          Good luck! If you make the decision to buy and need any help, let me know (actually, I use it exclusively with Illustrator, but I believe many of the technical issues are common across the different ways to use it).