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Thought the trial was great is the cd......

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  • Thought the trial was great is the cd......

    as easy to use, with already made projects etc?

    this is my first venture into digital scrapbooking and it's fun quick and easy but before i buy i need to know if it's going to carry on being this easy?

    thanks anita

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    Hi. Yes, the application doesn't change once you install the full version, it's exactly the same as the trial in terms of usability. The CD contains tons of awesome content, so that's the main difference. The reason we use a CD to send it out is because there's just too much stuff on there to be downloaded comfortably. It's chock full 'o goodies!!!

    Scrapbook MAX! was specifically designed to be easy to use, and we will continue on that focus for future upgrades as well. The heart and soul of Scrapbook MAX! is definitely ease of use.
    Scrapbook MAX! is the fun and easy digital scrapbooking software for Windows. Download a free trial version at .