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  • Printer question

    Hi all, I am wondering what printer would give the best results ? Is there a better brand than another ? Any advise would be very much appreciated.

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    i personally use an epson stylus cx3200 which prints great 8x8 pages, if you want to print 12 x 12 you will need to buy one of the larger format printers that are on the market

    it's really a personal choice thing...i prefer epson as i like the print quality but all you really need is a colour printer that prints 300dpi or above to get a great effect

    i'm sure the others will come along and tell you their preferences soon

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      Me too!

      I am looking around for a printer also. I'm trying to figure out what I want versus what I can afford. Is it worth the extra cost to have one that will print 12 inch wide pages? What brands are better?


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        I use an epson cx3500, it prints wonderfully clear pictures, it doesn't do 12x12, If I want to put my layouts in a 12x12 album I do the layout in 8x8, print it out, then chose I piece of 12x12 paper that matches the layout, glue the printed layout onto it (using it as the main background)

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          large format printers

          My sisters just got the HP B8350 printer and they love it. They got it on clearance at Staples for $130. It gets mixed reviews but they sure like the printer. They think it is very frugal to use.

          I want but don't have the Canon Pro9000. It gets great reviews. Right now after rebates you can find it for $300.

          I like to be able to print pages myself so if I wanted 12 x 12 I would want a printer. I print 11 x 8.5 borderless pages and I really like that size. It is easy to handle <especially for kids>. I think it looks great.
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            Thank you all for your input.