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    Ok, I'm new here as of yesterday. I've created a few scrapbook pages with the trial version. I've read and understand the "publish instructions." However, when does one use the 'save' and 'save as' commands as we do in other programs? I seem to have lost the pages I made if I didn't "save" them, but just published them and then printed. Is this correct, or am I really way off-f-f-f base? I can't seem to find any instructions in Help or in the User's Guide. I did read that, to paraphrase, if you publish your page in one form, it does not preclude you from using another form of "publish" later. So I guess, the bottom line of my question is: Do I need to "save", or "save as" and then publish my page(s) in my chosen form?

    Thank you for helping a "newbie".

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    i 'save as' and then publish that way if you want to adjust the pages or reuse them they will be in your saved projects

    hope that helps

    ps welcome to max

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      "Save As" from the Scrabook Max file, menu choices gives you the current open scrapbook with an entirely new scrapbook name.

      Publish is an entirely different thing. You can publish to image for digital frames, webpages, email, etc. You can publish to movies, screen savers, email, etc. Publishing does not save your page/project.

      I would always save a page/project using the save button or file, save. I would never 'just' print in case I needed to reprint or printer goofed up. In fact, I would always save before printing in case something crashes. I still believe in SAVE OFTEN. Too many system crashes or lock ups to not do such a simple thing. Even if they are only once a month or once every 6 months, if you close a newly created page it is sad to have to re-create because you didn't save.
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        SAVE is so important!

        I can not tell you how many times I have gotten so "into" my pages then something happens and I've lost it all! I TRY to remember to SAVE often, while working on pages. This problem is actually a compliment to SBM because it's so addicting that you just forget to save periodically, while working.

        I truly wished this program had an auto save feature every 5 or 10 minutes!
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          Thank you each for your inputs.