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  • Bendable crop

    I use this term because we have bendable text. I like a freeform crop tool that allows you to choose your crop area so thought maybe the new bendable feature could be easily applied to cropping. Add a standard crop shape of square or circle, etc, then add some more dots for better bending and drag around al the dots to match how you want an item to be cropped and then apply. It would be so cool. Sounds easy since we already have bendable in other areas, right!! LOL
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    I too would love a feature like that. Sometimes I would like to crop out a person or a dog ect from the photo. And a square or a shape cut just does not do it.


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      I would like to see this as well.


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        Sounds really good to me, since it is so easy to add extra bendable parts.

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          bendable crop tool

          This would be a great addition.


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            i agree--bendable cropping is a great idea!!
            why let all my wonderful vacation pictures go to waste because my
            jerk of an ex-husband decided he didn't want to be married anymore?
            he's square, but not always square in a picture
            what a great way to salvage wonderful memories!
            soli deo gloria!


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              do your crop then use the eraser to take out unwanted bits.... or use a mask, this can also help take out edges. so crop first then use a mask or shape... plenty of masks/shapes around for you to use and remember you can invert the shapes if you need to.... just another solution
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