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  • Activtion made easier

    I bought this program and activated it, had to reinstall due to computer problems and I can't activate it and I have not been able to get anyone to help me with this problem. Do you have any ideas???

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    The download and the activation code is in the email you got after you purchased it...If you still have that email you should be able to download it again as long as it hasn't been to long..I forget just how long the link stays active...Sounds to me like you are trying to install with the trial version and that won't work...When you bought the software you were to uninstall the trial and install the full version from the link in the email...Then you can put the code in and all should be ok...hope this helps.


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      Thanks for the advice. I can't seem to find the email with the download and activation key. What now? I have tried to get ahold of support, but no response to this problem. I fear I have spent a lot of money and have lost it all. Any other suggestions will be more than welcome. Faye


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        I am sure someone will help you out. But you may have to wait till monday.


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          Check your spam filter. We sent you download instructions again this afternoon. Make sure you make a backup copy of your software in case you have a computer problem again in the future.

          For future reference, we answer all questions during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. It never takes more than 24 hours to get a response during those times.
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