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    I wish I could use my qp's with sbm - as it is, you have to erase around your photo to "fit" it into the hole. I wish somehow there was a button to click or something to allow you to just pop the picture into the space like you can on pages you build from scratch. I wish I had a QP button that would somehow let the program know that what you're using is a qp and not a traditional layered frame.

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    Linda - is it for a single photo quick page? If so - all you need to do is send the photo to the back and then position it. It's little more tricky if it's a multi photo quick page with photos that are close together, but still mostly just a matter of photo order will fix it with only some erasing needed sometimes.
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      Also be sure that you import the quickpage as a element and not a background. I use quickpages all the time and don't have any problems with them.