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  • Printing to Edges

    I don't know if I am doing something wrong or not or perhaps its my printer, but I have found that when I print to my photo printer, the layout gets truncated. In otherwords, if I have an embellishment at the edge of the page, then part of it gets cut off when it is printed. (HP Photosmart C8100)

    My suggestion is to have a better WYSIWYG printing experience.

    Thanks for such a great product!

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    i agree that would make it better for sure


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      Printing to the edge is is entirely dependent on the printer, and on the size/type of paper you've set in the print settings (File > Print Setup).

      Note that some printers have additional settings that you can access by clicking on the "Properties" button on the Print Setup dialog -- just to the right of where you select which printer you want to use. That button opens up the settings from the printer itself, which may need to be adjusted depending on what size/type of paper you're using.

      Make sure you choose the settings that are appropriate for your printer and the paper size you're using.

      (Check your printer manual to see what its limitations are and for information about what settings to use.)

      Many printers can only do borderless prints on special paper with parts that you trim off, because the printer needs a bit of "extra paper" to be able to hold onto. Some printers can print right up to the edge of the paper, but not all of them can.

      Scrapbook MAX! will resize the page to the dimensions that are indicated by the print settings, but if your print settings don't match what the printer can do, that isn't Scrapbook MAX's fault.
      Lorne ( )
      Scrapbook MAX! Software Developer