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  • insert & select multiple pages at once

    It would be very helpful to be able to insert multiple template pages at one time (from the new page menu). It would also be terrific if you could select multiple pages at a time in order to change the page size. I make 11 x 8.5 books and find it tedious to click through several steps to change each default page size from 8 x 8.

    If either of these options is currently available, please advise as it would be a tremendous time saver.


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    Yes! I'd also like to change the page size for an entire album instead of having to change each individual page. you make photo books or do you print your pages and put them in an album? If you use an album...where do you find the ones that are 11x8.5 landscaped???
    ~ sj3girls ~


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      You can size the first page and then hit duplicate.


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        I have the books printed using either Winkflash or Snapfish. Several times a year, Winkflash offers flat-rate book sales. For $20 you can print a book up to 100 pages!