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  • Making everything more user friendly

    I have not been more frustrated with a program in my life. The website is difficult to navigate and not that I have Scrapbook MAX 2.0 on my computer (which I was SO excited about) NONE of the additional expansion packs that I paid for and downloaded on my computer show up, yet the download process says they're there. It really needs some work. I'm so disappointed since my mom uses it often and makes beautiful books (with mostly the expansions) but her's is way old so I'm not sure what changed, but something obviously has. While I would recommend her program that she uses to somebody else, I would NEVER recommend this one to anybody else until it becomes easier to use. While trying for technical support it was still difficult to get the information needed, why not provide a simple phone number?!

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    I meant now* not not, so it should read "now that I have Scrapbook MAX 2.0..."


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      I find it very easy to use and I am only new to computers and a granny I just clicked on every thing to see what it did and when I wasn't sure I asked on forum someone always helped hope you get some help to fonzzy


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        I haven't had any issues either with my program and I'm using version 2 as well. I'm surprised to hear that you're having so much trouble! I can't help with technical issues, but I'm sure someone here will be able to. I've found it to be a very helpful and supportive community. Good luck! (I know how frustrating computer issues can be!!!)


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          Hello Mrs. Cox!

          I'm sorry that you're having issues. I hope that the information sent to you in response to your questions through our email support has been helpful.

          If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to post a question in the forums, or use the contact form:;

          to get in touch with the right department. Hope that helps!

          Perhaps this might help - the expansion packs (once you download them and double-click on the downloaded files) will import the content from the pack to the appropriate places in Scrapbook MAX!. So, in other words, you won't see one "kit" called "Life Is Beautiful" - rather, you will find all of the templates, embellishments, paper scraps. etc. that come with "Life Is Beautiful" imported to the appropriate categories in the program.



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            I know what you mean about downloading the expansion packs or new items you purchase. It isn't easy but look under your downloaded items. From there, you should beable to load them into Mixbooks. They definitely do not make it easy. I have many complaints but they do have beauiful art work. Their program is not user friendly at all and they seem to spend all their time on artwork and not improving their other capabilities. I haven't seen any improvements in at least two years.


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              Cropping -

              When I go to crop a picture, all the program really does is make the picture smaller. True cropping lets you make the picture shorter or more narrow but not this program.


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                Originally posted by Nannyree View Post
                When I go to crop a picture, all the program really does is make the picture smaller. True cropping lets you make the picture shorter or more narrow but not this program.
                when you go to crop you have to unclick the button beside the crop (I don't have my program installed on my work computer so I cannot tell you exactly what it says) so you can make it the size you want


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                  You are right Letha, you have to uncheck the "keep aspect" box.


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                    Originally posted by Nannyree View Post
                    ...Their program is not user friendly at all and they seem to spend all their time on artwork and not improving their other capabilities...
                    First of all, I don't work at Indigo Rose. LOL. But I'm surprised to read such a comment as the first time I've discovered Scrapbook MAX! I was really impressed by the fact that it's really user-friendly, powerful, flexible... I used to use another software tool dedicated to the digital scrapbooking... and there's a long time I don't use it as Scrapbook MAX! is a really good tool.

                    As for any software products, you should read a minimum of the manual to understand the way the software works... You need a few days to get familiar with it and the way that it works. Please note that the videos which are online are also very helpful. Once done, it's quite easy. You can press the Help button of the dialog box at any time to get additional info about the feature you're using.

                    On the forum that there are a lot of users who try to help each other so you shouldn't hesitate to ask. We are here to share tips.

                    About the improvements ie new versions... 2 years is a long time... I agree. But from the moment the software tool works fine and there's no major feature to add, it isn't an issue from my point of view. You should note that during this period there were some updates to fix issues. So the good point is that the tool is maintained...

                    However I'd be very happy to see a new release with new key features... But who knows what the Scrapbook MAX! developers are currently preparing for us :-)

                    Once again, please submit your question here... We will be all very happy to help you if we can.
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                      I am still very new to scrapbook max and I thoroughly LOVE this program.

                      it is very easy to navigate and to use.

                      With any new program you use you always need a little bit of time to get used to it and work your way through it. In a worst case scenario there is always the help button on the top to the right.

                      Instead of throwing hands in the air and deciding it is too hard to use there are many options IF YOU truly want to get your head around it.

                      1. Read the instructions
                      2. Watch some of the tutorials
                      3. Ask questions in the forum
                      4. Play with it, press buttons and see what each one does, it's amazing what you learn by doing that.

                      No program is perfect, there will always be something annoying about each and every program we use. I get annoyed with photoshop all the time, but I still love it lol. half the time it is my ineptitude anyway!

                      And as Kapi said, we don't know what the programmers are working on right now, who knows V3 might be right around the corner.


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                        Try not to get frustrated This program ROCKS! It's the best scrapbooking program hands down.. I've tried a few. Don't be shy to ask us any questions.. we're all still learning new tricks.
                        I've been on here for just over two years now I guess and this is certainly the most popular frustration from new users.. "The downloads" not sure how they can make it more easy.. the kits upload directly into the program but it seems ppl have trouble locating them sometimes.. not sure what the problem is, but know that you are not alone.. quite a few ppl have complained about the same thing.
                        They'll get it fixed for you don't worry! Hope you don't give up and will be joining us in the challenges - they are super fun!