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    I am so far so disappointed in this program, I was told it was the best and compatible with my purchased kits I already have..But when I try to open them it say its not compatible with scrapbook max!! Is a refund available..It also flashes files uncontrolably..Anyone else??

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    It's sad that you are dissapointed with the scrapbook max programme. It really is the best programme out there. Other programmes don't allow you to import and confine you to their own site... sbm is very versitile, I have loads of templates installed, as long as they are in png or jpeg format there is no problem. Everything is so simple to use. I had no scrapbook experience before, and found other programmes and forums less user friendly.

    The flickering (I have it too) i'm sure is just a technical hitch at the moment which i'm sure will be fixed in time.

    There is a excellent community spirit here too, there is always support for any question you have.

    I would encourage you to give a bit more time before you decide to leave us here at sbm.


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      Hi cheesepiece I am still trying but I cant open anything and I cant open the expansion pack..


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        Hello gamma...hope you have figured the problem out! I have just started using this software to create templates, and this is really easy to use! You are able to use out side content in this software....just think us designers we use advanced programs to create digital kits that are sold in SBM SHOP, but when we create templates we import our own designs that are not purchased from this store so it has to work! Well just popped in to say my 2 cents..hehehehe, but I really had to say something about how easy this program is to use! HUGS!

        Visit my ScrapBook Max STORE!


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          Hi Gamma

          I really hope you give it a second chance and help us help you. It is the best and easiest I have come across. I will never recommend anything else. Explain to us exactly what when and where and we will all try and help.