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  • Advanced photo editing

    I would like to see the new version with advanced photo editing. I would also like the program to save the photo as JPG or TIFF instead of a PNG. It would be less time consuming then having to edit the photos in another photo editing program before bringing them into the layout.

    Thank you.

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    May I ask you of which advanced features you're thinking of? :-)

    From my side that'd be about the eraser :-)

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      Sandrine I'm thinking of the advanced photo editing features like we have in Photoshop. I just thought if we could do this in Scrapbook Max while working on a layout it would save some time.

      Now that I'm thinking about this, it would be nice for the new version of Scrapbook Max to allow us to open up Photoshop (version 7 and up) and ACDSee software from within the program. I know from trying out ACDSee software, while in photo editing mode it allows you to open the photo in Photoshop to do further editing. Of course, it would be nice if Scrapbook Max did it all!


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        Wow, now that would be very cool!! So many times, I go to grab a picture and think 'Drats, I forgot to take the red eye out or forgot to erase that pimple' then you have to open your photoshopping program and edit your picture, save it THEN come back to SBM and work with your photo.. - Yep, that would definitly be an awesome tool to have right in the SBM program!
        I think we're dreaming in technicolor though.. if they DID add that feature, I think it would cost us all to upgrade.. 'cause that's huge..


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          You already have many advanced photo editing features in Scrapbook MAX! 2.
          Red Eye Removal

          Click on your object (embellisment or photo), right click and select Effects...
          Look at the popup menu...

          About the eraser there could be some improvements such as the such size of the brush... today limited to 200 px... well up 1200 would be great...

          You can save the changes made on an object in saving the object as .png but you can't as .jpg.... and I think that you could sometimes want to save changes made on an object "photo" as .jpg... for instance if you have removed the red eyes or applied any filter.

          A very, very useful feature I think :-) would be the capability to change the angle of the photo in the Photo properties dialog... you can crop but you can't return the photo... so it's an operation we often should perform outside of Scrapbook MAX!

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            If you compare the price of photshop to ScrapbookMax me thinks this is why Max doesnt have many photo shop features... I dont know anything about the behind the scenes in programs but I'd hate to see the price go up...I think for a scrapbbok program it does already have excellent "other"features for editing... but I also know that they ALWAYS LISTEN TO SUGGESTIONS so if its possible they will do it
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              I fully agree with what you say.
              Scrapbook MAX! is a digital scrapbooking software tool... and it should remain easy to use and at an attractive price. It already includes many advanced features.
              In adding a lot of more advanced features (ie photos editing), Scrapbook MAX! could also require more memory to work :-) and some of yours are complaining... because in some cases it takes some time to load projects.
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