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  • backgrounds

    I would siggest that the next updated version of SBM have a pop up window for all new users to tell them where the backgrounds are for their kits


    Make it available in the kit when you click on embelishments, actually I like that idea better, because if you want to make a shape out of a background, and I don't know if I am doing this the hard way, but I have to do a search for the kit I want in C drive and that will bring the kits up, because they don't know up in the gallery.

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    I agree with you Wench.
    I bring a background in the way you do or I save it as an image and bring it back in , in order to cut a shape. Life would be a bit easier if the backgrounds showed up with the kits.


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      I have moved everything to one big folder with smaller-ones inside. I've got 2 screens open but one would work just fine. Then I open my folder and just drag and drop into Max and it then asks you what you want to do with your pick.

      This way you can choose it to be a picture that you can edit and make into shapes. To me this is a much easier way of working and it's very quick. You can also have more than one of them open if your'e using different kits on the same layout. Help you remember where you got it!
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