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  • Shadows (complete)

    At present the tutorial shows how to shadow from particular angles but I would love to be able to shadow the complete element.

    if it isn't in the scrapbook it didn't happen!

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    fROM MY EXPERIENCE WITH sbm sASSY I AM NOT SURE THAT YOU CAN oh sorry caps, its a regular thing with me lol

    If I want to shadow the whole thing, like if it was a photo, I copy and paste the photo and then in the shadow settings do it the complete opposite, but reduce the depth and opacity a little as it seems to look darker to me.

    Having said that if you do these settings distance 4 transparency 25 and blur 33 that does tend to make a nice shadow all around...I just tried it with a BG paper and put it on the page as an element.


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      I do the same thing that Kaye explained with copy and paste. I also click and drag mouse across both items then right click and select align then center so they are perfectly stacked. Just a little tip, I use more transparency on both so it blends together better ( just my opinion - looks cleaner)


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        Okay, I read the docs (ages ago) at least once. And being me, just plunged in. So much I missed - I am positive. But, I'd rather surf the forums than read the doc again so Kimmyann's tip may or may not be in there to find. Bumping this because I've been centering/aligning every single thing one by one. GACK!

        Bless you Kimmyann

        BTW, she may be the one whose post clued me to the Distribute vertically/horizontally trick in ScrapbookMax!