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More shapes selections are needed!!!!!!!

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  • More shapes selections are needed!!!!!!!

    ScrapbookMax2 is not keeping up with the trend in digi scrapping. The new trend requires more shapes: diamonds, triangles, hexagons, octagons, waves, clean cut circles, etc.

    I began using ScrapbookMax2 because it's easier than using PS or PSE. However, if I can't do the latest types of layouts then it is worthless to me. If you are not familiar to what the latest layouts look like simply browse through the various digi sites and become familiar with them. When I purchased ScrapbookMax2 I had high hopes for it. It has not lived up to my expectations

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    Have you seen the shop shapes?

    LOVE shapes! We have tons of shapes in the embellishment section..but you have to dig sometimes..

    And many of our designers like Carena Scott, Michelle McKoy, Fiona Storey, and myself Donna Thomas, have lots to offer you in the store..

    Here are some examples if that will help..I would love to make you a simple kit for all kinds of shapes you mentioned...Sometimes that's all it takes is to ASK! and you are doing that! We designers love a CHALLENGE!

    Carena has some awesome shapes here: these waves:


    Donna Thomas:

    To make a just turn the squares of course.. and you can skew the shapes in makes for more oval for circles, etc...

    And if you decide to let me make a kit of shapes for you...I will require you show off your fun with them in return..Fair enough? LOL..