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How do I turn all my pages into an album

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  • How do I turn all my pages into an album

    Hi can someone show me how to put all my pages in SBM into an album fonzzy

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    Hi fonzzy!

    Can you say a bit more about what you are trying to do? Do you want to put all your pages from different projects into a single project? What kind of album are you trying to make (print? pdf? etc.)

    I'd like to help, but need a bit more info - thanks!



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      When you go into layout gallery up in the top left corner it says my photos my albums what dose this mean fonzzy


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        Ohhhhhhh well you can orgqnize all your pages into individual albums, click on albums
        2...create new album album and press create a new album
        4...then go to one of your LO's and bring it up on photo options (top right corner of photo) click edit
        6...copy image to...a drop down box will apear and you will be able to put it into the album you created.

        Now I haven't worked out a way to copy a whole heap at a time and would love to know if you can because it would make life a whole lot easier, so if anyone knows please share!

        I hope this is what you want?