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Tip: Use the handy eraser to do "extractions"

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  • Tip: Use the handy eraser to do "extractions"

    Tip: The eraser in Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is a quick and easy way to do "extractions". Just click on your photo and then click on the "eraser" icon. Then use your mouse to "erase" portions of your photo to achieve a look like this:

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    You can set the eraser:
    - if you use a round or a square brush
    - the size of the brush in pixel
    - the softness and the transparency

    If you have erased a bigger portion, you can un-erase it. Simply click on the un-erase option or press the Ctrl key of your keyboard and use the brush to paint on the your photo.

    You'll note that this feature doesn't modify your original photo file.
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      The eraser tool is very very handy and a brilliant feature


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        It's one of my favorites, too. I like how you can do beautiful, artistic work with it or just have zany fun, too - my young cousins enjoy "cutting themselves out" of photos and pasting themselves into whimsical backgrounds!


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          is there any other way to do cutouts? Like in photoshop, you can quickly cut out a shape/person/etc without having to use "eraser". I find that I am not as skilled as I would like for cutting out using the eraser. I end up with jagged edges, etc.