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How to Participate in a Challenge - Part 1: Register & Customize your Profile

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  • How to Participate in a Challenge - Part 1: Register & Customize your Profile

    You’d like to join a challenge as it’s fun and it’s an excellent way to improve your scrapping techniques, but you don’t really know how to join it.

    Don’t be afraid! That’s really easy! I’m going to explain you how to process step by step.

    The very first task you should perform is to register at Scrapbook MAX! (SBM).

    Please note that you have to register at Scrapbook MAX before you can post.

    Part 1 - Register & Customize your Profile

    Click on this link and type all the requested fields, then click the Log in button. Once the SBM administrator has approved your registration, you’ll receive an email.

    Then log in at Scrapbook MAX. Use both the Login and Password you have entered at the Registration Step.

    Now you’d like to edit (customize) your profile. So click the Settings menu to access to your profile page.


    You’ll notice a sidebar at the left side with 3 main menus: My Messages, My Subscriptions, My Settings.



    My Messages

    My Messages is your Private mailbox.

    Inbox: You can access the private messages (PM) that you receive from other SBM users.

    Sent Items: You can access the list of the private messages that you send to other SBM users.

    To send a PM to a SBM user, click on Send New Message. Type the username(s) in the Recipient Users field… You’ll notice that if you type 3 letters at least, a dropdown list box appears with a list of matching user names. Select an username in the list. To send a message to multiple users, type a semi-colon between the usernames. Type a text for the Title field and the body of your message in the Message field, then click the Submit Message button to send your PM.


    My Subscriptions

    You can view and manage all the threads you’ve subscribed. You can decide to remove subscriptions or change the Subscription Type ie. the way you’re notified of a reply to a threadsyou’ve suscribed (only through your control panel or through by instantly, daily or weekly).


    My Settings

    My Settings is sorted in 4 main submenus: My Profile, My Account, Networking, Miscelleanous.

    My Profile: Here you can customize your profile and your signature.

    Click on Edit Profile and type additional information. Then the SBM users will know more about you.

    It’s also here that you can add your Profile Picture and your Avatar. Avatars are small graphics that are displayed under your username whenever you post. You can use a custom Avatar or a pre-defined one.

    So let’s see how to add an Avatar.

    Click on Edit Avatar.

    If you want to use your custom Avatar (own graphics) which is stored on your computer, click on the Browse button in the Custom Avatar section and browse on your computer to select the graphic file. Be sure that the size of your avatar is 80x80 pixels.

    If you have no avatar right now, use a pre-defined one. Select a category and check a graphic. Here I’ve checked Diego in the Ice Age category. Now click on Save Change.


    Congratulations! Now you have an Avatar.

    You can edit your Avatar at any time.

    You might also want to add a Signature which will be automatically displayed below your reply whenever you post.

    Click on Edit Signature.

    A signature is an only one graphics, multiple graphics, or a combination of graphics and texts with links.


    Let’s say that you want to have both a graphics and a text as a Signature.

    Upload your graphics. If your graphics is hosted on a server, add the URL to the image. If not, upload the graphics from your computer. Click on the Browse button, browse your computer, and select the file. Click on the Upload button.

    Now you see your Signature image in the Edit Signature field. You can type a text and add a link. Select the text and click the Link icon…


    Type the URL in the prompt dialog then click OK. Finally click Save Signature.

    Congratulations! Now you have your custom Signature.

    My Account: Here you can edit your email and your password if you want to change them, you can edit the General Settings related to Messaging & Notifications.

    Networking: Here you can manage your list of Friends and view the Event Reminders.

    Miscelleanous: You can view all the list of uploaded attachements used when you have posted.

    So now that you have an account at SBM and your Profile is customized, you’re ready to share your page layouts with the other users.

    In Part 2 of this tutorial, I’m going to explain you how to post a page layout in the SBM gallery. I’ll come with Part 2 in some days. In the meantime you can start making a page layout for one of the running challenges.

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    Awesome explanation Sandrine!!!

    Join in Folks!!


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      Thank you Kimmyann!

      I'll try to post Part 2 by the end of the week. Sorry for the delay!
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        Sorry for the delay! I have been quite busy.

        How to Participate in a Challenge - Part 2 - Post a page layout in the Gallery
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          Bumping thread
          Kind wishes from Carena
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