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  • Please help!

    Hello everyone! I am new to the forums and hope someone can help me since I have not been able to get any technical help from SBM so far. I have used SBM for a few years and had several albums with several pages in each. All the sudden, none of them are listed when I go to open one. I can still find the saved images in my published folders, but not in their actual album files where I can continue to work on them. Can someone please help me fix this!? THANK YOU!

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    Transfer of files..

    Sorry you are having troubles with files not listing..

    We need to identify the problem more here's some questions for you..

    1) These were SAVED albums you had? and they are not showing up in the NEW SBM 2nd edition or FIRST?

    2) Look in you Documents or USERS section for SBM folder and see if you can find the files from the old. Then copy paste into the new SBM folder if now listed under Documents..determining WHERE you allowed the install to go for the program.

    Not sure why you can't locate them unless a change has been made. Reinstall can help too.

    I used to direct SBM to Documents section but had an install still under C drive Users section. So I had to transfer files..

    Hope that helps some!