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How to Install Bonus pack on new computer

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  • How to Install Bonus pack on new computer

    Hi. I have a new computer and downloaded the SB software. However, I got a bonus pack of shapes and edges. How do I install those?

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    If you're referring to a Scrapbook MAX! kit (a file ending in .smb) then all you need to do is double click on the dowloaded file to import it into Scrapbook MAX! software.

    If you got the kit from another site, you can simply open up the kit in another window, and drag and drop the image files (.jpgs,.pngs) right into the Scrapbook MAX! design space. Hope that helps!


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      I found some a file of volleyball embellishments that someone was sharing. The file ended in .smb I downloaded it, but don't know what to do with it and can't open it. Windows 10 says I need to choose an app to open it, but I don't know what to use. Please advise!


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        Digital kits with the .smb file extension can be double-clicked to import the content into your Scrapbook MAX! software (as long as you have Scrapbook MAX! installed on your system).

        You can still use the images contained in an .smb file even if you do not have Scrapbook MAX!. You will need to change (i.e., rename) the file extension of your downloaded file to .smb to .zip. You can then extract the image files as you would from any .zip file, and use the images in other programs.

        Hope that helps!