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Everything You Need to Know About Booster Packs (And A Free Booster Pack Builder!)

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Booster Packs (And A Free Booster Pack Builder!)

    Welcome to the embellishment corner forum. This is the place to share your homemade embellishments, photos, backgrounds and paper scraps with others.

    Important Note: Please do not post others' copyrighted material to this forum. This forum is only for content that you make yourself and/or are legally entitled to distribute in this manner. Also note that any material that is considered inappropriate for public viewing will be removed by the forum moderators. Please keep things "G" rated.

    How to Install Booster Packs
    To install a Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack (*.SMB) file, simply click on the filename (as seen in the "Attached Files" box). Your web browser will ask you if you'd like to Open it or Save it. Choose Open. That's it! Your new content is now installed!

    Note: You must be using Scrapbook MAX! v1.0.1.0 or later. You can check what version you have by choosing Help > About. As well, you can update your software to the latest version at any time by choosing Help > Check for Update.

    How to Create Booster Packs
    If you'd like to create embellishments to share on the forums, why not package them into a .smb file, and make your embellishments easy for everyone to enjoy?

    There are two ways to create .smb files.

    The Easy Way
    Use the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Builder.
    1. Create your embellishment images using whatever paint program you like
    2. Download the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Builder (attached below). The Booster Pack Builder is a self-contained .exe file. Just download it and run it – there’s nothing for you to install!
    3. Download the How To Create A Booster Pack PDF guide (attached below) – it is a step-by-step guide.
    4. Create your booster packs!

    That’s it! Using the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Builder, you can quickly package up your created kits into the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack file format.

    The Advanced Way
    In most cases, using the Booster Pack builder is the ideal way to create booster packs. However, if you want to take advantage of the advanced capabilities of the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack file format (ie including fonts, templates, etc in a .smb file), you will have to manually create the .smb file as follows:
    1. Create your embellishment images using whatever paint program you like
    2. Gather together your embellishment images, templates, fonts, etc.
    3. Create an "install.ini" file using Notepad (see description below)
    4. Zip up all of the files
    5. Change the filename extension to .smb instead of .zip (eg. would become mypack.smb)

    Be sure to create the install.ini file to suit your needs. A complete description can be found in the gallery-packs-file-format.pdf document (attached below).

    Please post any questions / bug reports / etc regarding the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Builder here.

    Scrapbook MAX!
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    Okay, I've created my very first cool background paper, I've downloaded and used the Booster Pack Builder to make it into an .smb file with a matching thumbnail. It is on my SBM 2.0 and is tested....but, I don't have a clue what to do to share it with all of you! Did I miss the instructions somewhere? How do I get it to be in the body of my post with the thumbnail and file to click on for others to download? I would love to share.
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      posting to the templates and embellies section

      find where you saved the smb file on your computer firstly, you need to know where it is so you can download to the forum from there. go into the appropriate forum page, in this case embellishments, click on new thread, fill details out in the title line and the message body regarding what you are posting and any credits that may be required. when you are doing this scroll down the page just a little, below submit reply is an additional options sections, leave the show signature and auto parse links boxes ticked and in the attach files section hit the manage attachments button. This will load a pop up manage attachments screen, you can browse to find the file you need to upload and upload it to the forum. Once you hit upload wait for it to tell you it has completed uploading, then if you need to upload another file do the same thing. check in the attachments screen about what size various sizes have to be to be uploaded if they are too big zip them before uploading then upload as a zip file. smt & smb files can be a maximum of 5.00 mb. upload the jpg of the items you are uploading as a separate file in the same management pop up. can only be 512 kb in size maximum. once you have completed downloading those files you wish to have in the posting on the forum, hit the close the window button on the manage attachs pop up, preview your post you will see them showing and then submit the post to the forum... hope that helps.
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        Thanks a million!
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          Can someone help please?!

          I downloaded the Booster Pack Builder and used it for the first time last night. I am so impressed! The only problem I'm having though is that I can't locate one of the files I purchased from the Scrapbookmax online store. It is a set of transportation shapes that downloaded into a embellishments file. (The designer noted this would happen and gave the instruction to move the file into Shapes after downloading.) When I have Scrapbookmax open and I'm working on a page, I can see the transportation shapes as a folder with the other embellishments folders. However, when I go looking for it in my c: drive, (via program files; scrapbookmax2.0; gallery; images) the transportation shapes seem to go into hiding. In fact, none of the booster packs I've created show up as files within Images. What am I doing wrong?

          Please advise. Thanks!!!


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            Okay - scratch the above query. I found the file and successfully moved it from embellishments to shapes. Looks like it was just a file management problem on my end. For the record (my record, in case I have trouble in the future and have find this thread again!) I opened up the file in embellishments and clicked on Properties. It gave me a filepath that was a little bit different than the one I was looking in before: C:\Users\Erin\Documents\Scrapbook MAX! 2.0\Gallery\Images\Embellishments\FST_Transport Shapes.


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              Thanks so much!
              Be Happy


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                I'm having trouble downloading the Booster Pack Builder which I really want to have a go at using. I have a feeling the first time I tried downloading I did something wrong and windows 7 I'm running is remembering. Basically my computer can't figure out how to open the file and read it and more importantly run it as an executable file. If I click on the file I can get a menu up, 'open with' and then I'm not sure what to do. It is not labeled as a .exe file.

                Has anyone had this problem and can help me?



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                  Thanks all this useful and detailed info. I will make a try very soon.
                  Just a question is it better to create the file manually ie .ini or the builder is perfect and save time?

                  Thanks for your reply.

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                    This is how to make your items to share all one file


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                      Is there a new version of this? Windows won't let me open the builder.exe file - says might be corrupt.