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    Thanks again Granny! Your explaination is wonderful!!! I am still debating...just one more question...can you use pse styles in rd or do you have to use rd ones? As you can tell, styles are very important to me as I use them ALOT in scrapping. How about gradients and patterns can I use them in rd???
    Those are the last questions I swear.....LOL

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      Yes and no. Depends on the style. I do use make gradients and other things in PSP and bring them into RD, because as I mentioned before, there are things that are unique about each program. I just found today that the gradient strips I was making in PSP for my webpages can be done just as easily in RD. I will tell you though that you cannot use outside filters or plugins with RD, but then, I'm always finding ways of doing the same thing without them. Like the goodies I posted in this thread. I would never limit myself to just one program, however. I save my cans and clip coupons and use the money for programs. Not one image editor will do every thing I need, and I have now been able to purchase just about all the ones that really matter. Like Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, Photo Impact, Ulead, and a few others. But those I use only for special things. If I had to get rid of them all and keep just one, it would be RealDrawPro4, hands down and no questions ask.

      Hope this helps. And you can ask me as many questions as you need. I may not answer you, but you can certainly ask.


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        Thanks Granny! Lovely!

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