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    Originally posted by Granny View Post
    &*@^#%@[email protected]^#&&$**$*

    /granny what the matter cat got your tounge can't quite figure out what you said. I got the fx ds series one-two and it came with the bonus gel that is the only reason I also have the gel. I really like the gel I used it to do a selections tutorial in psp12 sample shown below. The baby shoe was a cu doodle from scrapping cop it was justa basic black line drawing to start with used fx ds on that one. the tape was made with fx ds also. It is all so easy to use.
    Still love no mater what you were trying to say thou.
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      Well, ok, I forgive you if that is how you got it. Ladybug is giving me the same treatment because I was able to get series one. I guess we all have someone wnating what we got!!!

      Those look great. Gelling is really fun. And, hey, what can I say. I can't help you if you don't ask me specific questions about RD. We can even do one on one teaching with MSN Messenger or Yahoo, with video and sound. What more do you want woman? Want me to drive over there and look over your shoulder while you learn?

      Turkey drawers!!!!


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