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    Is there any way of saving embelishments I don't have from templates I have downloaded. I would like to save them in a folder on my system. Do you do this in S.M.B. or in My Document? Denny

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    load the template into SBM2 and highlight the embellishment you wish to save, right click and there will be an option right at the bottom to save as a png file, save to a folder on your computer ( I save to an external, my grand daughter saves to a stick), please be aware though, that embellishments included in your templates are generally copyright and are the legal intellectual property of the designer. You can generally use for personal use only, and should ensure you give credit in your blurb when you use these for layouts which you intend to display on forums etc. You cannot share those embellishments without the express permission of the designer. If the templates are CU (commercial Use) then of course as long as you abide by the Terms of Use of the designer you can then use the embellishments. Hope this helps.
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      Thank you very much, haven't tried it yet as we just got home from a week-end away but it does not sound difficult. Thanks again. Denny


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        If you want to save all or more than one, it is easier to just open the template in SBM and then go to your documents folder under SBM projects. As you open each folder, you can get to the images and just copy and paste the various items in the folder to where you desire to save them.

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          I want to thank you for the easier instuctions that you just gave.I tried it and it workes great. Thanks again I now have some work ahead of me. Denny