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    I finally got around to playing again. I am very rusty, but hope some one can use some of this. Here is a link to my 4shared. There should be 4 zip files to download. Will some one let me know if the link works or not. Sorry, they won't go directly to SBM. I haven't directed anything to SBM since before they upgraded and don't remember how.

    I mixed a few of my older things in with my new things. So if some look familiar that is why. I just tweaked the colors on them.
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    I can't remember if I included the words in the zips or not. So here they are. Left Click, then right click and save to your choice file.
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      Thank you for sharing this, Sue. Your work is always beautiful.

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        Wow, so beautiful. Glad to have you back.


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          Beautiful kit Sue, thanks, love the colors and the notes/envelopes.

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            Thanks for sharing Sue, lovely work. FS xx
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              Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful kit !


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                Beautiful Kit Sue. Thank you for sharing!
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