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    Hello from North Carolina,
    I would like to know what program you use to make these embellishments, and which one has the easiest learning curve. I have been trying to make paper dolls of me taken from pictures of me when I was small. I tried using my Paint program but am having a problem with the right coloring, particularly the face and hair. Can anyone help me out on this?

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    Can you provide an image of example of what you are trying to do.? This might help us advise.
    Kind wishes from Carena
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      Yes, if I knew how to upload it. I would need some help with this as I am not too good at it.I have several that I have made from different photos. I have one on a scrap page that I posted in "Look at my layout" under "Judy's Kitchen" maybe you can take a look at it until I can get some help posting an individual doll. Hope this made sense.LOL
      Thank you for your reply. I have several of your kits and am enjoying them very much.


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        Hello, could you tell me which forum I can upload the picture too, and how. I don't think I would want to post it in the photo gallery or the "Look at my Pictures Gallery". This is quite confussing. Thanks for your reply.