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Autumn Kids Challenge Pack FREEBIE mini kit!

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  • Autumn Kids Challenge Pack FREEBIE mini kit!

    Please remember, personal use and Max donations with this kit only!

    Put up the last of 3 Kits and 3 Brag Book template sets of 10 in the Store..

    For the is a MINI Kit that are NOT in the kits (but a few shapes) this goes with the 3 Kits to mix and match!'s a GHOST town in the donations of Templates old and new and embellishments..You all have the power to make papers and shapes in Max as well as TEMPLATES! Love to see some donations using THIS KIT, all the FREEBIES in the for this kit (Look up AUtumn Blessings, Autumn Turkey Day, and Autumn Kids) in Designer NEW RELEASES section..

    Earn a special square flair/button for this CHALLENGE..will send you link to put in your signature..BE the FIRST to donate! Then you'll see the special flair!

    This is thanks to KimmyAnn for suggesting the mini kit! Autumn-Kids-Challenge-Pack.smb

    No time limit here..donate when you can!

    Designers and CT's welcome!

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    I will have to get started on this challenge.


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      Here is a Page with the Mini Challenge kit
      I will be posting the Template in that forum.


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        How to make Shapes in SBM.sm2t

        ANd I have a tutorial that the mic won't work on..tried 5 different versions and NONE ..instead of uploading to YOuTUBE..put the tut in template form! Sorry! For those who don't know how to make your own sHaPes and papers and such in SBM..this is a beginner version!

        Have fun!


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          Donna, I was going to read the tut, but it won't open???


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   just loaded for me..anyone else having same problem???


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              Thanks for this super mini-kit, awesome. Great Challenge too.
              Here is my effort.



              Here is the sbm file, can some please check it. I haven't made a template for a while. I have checked and to me it seems to be fine
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                I made a right mess of that post, I didnt copy the link for my LO properly. Here it is now

                The file for the Template is in my previous post.


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                  Great job donna!! Very, very nice template! Check your email! Sending your well earned flair!!


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                    Please note a rule of etiquette for the FREEBIES:

                    Max has AWESOME eraser can extract great images from it...
                    however, when I give you a doesn't mean you can do whatever you want with it..give away to everyone, use it for commercial use..etc.. nor should we extract anything and give it away as a freebie..
                    My license to use the Color Your Own graphics from Trina Clark prohibits giving the images themselves out as freebies..colored or not. So..I didn't realize how VERY clever you guys are! oops! Awesome job at cutting out demonstrated very well but can only be used for your VERY personal use and not given as donation back to Max as something as single item. But you can use that image and make a paper or embellishment with it! AS long as the image extracted stays in flattened form and not used as a single item! Many thanks!! Sorry I didn't stress that in the beginning..hope you understand! but now you know how you can really use this awesome program to the MAX!

                    Lets NOT forget that MAX also has the EMBELLISHMENT ability.. so you can make a tag, picture, whatever..and publish using the png CHECK mark the change background to TRANSPARENT layer! YES!!


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                      here's a Youtube video at low but decent quality for all to it and watch at same time you make this shape! Pause it whenever you need to!


                      Have fun!!


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                        Awesome Tut!!! Totally Loved it!! Step by step straight to the point!! Great Job!!


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                          Thank you my dear friend!!


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                            a turkey!! Who wants a turkey!! made from kit items!! can you guess??

                            OK..let's try to tickle your funny bones did I make this? using only parts from the kit! and a little help from the color picker background tile maker! LOL

                            Enjoy!! DLT turkey.png

                            Right click on it..
                            Select SAVE AS IMAGE and send to your embellishment section ..hopefully your AutumnKids Challenge Pack!


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                              another turkey!!

                              [ATTACH=CONFIG]37717[/ATTACHANd here is version two!! I like the dark meat on my bird!
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