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    Since I been sick for a week, I been looking through some projects that never got finished. WOW!! I know we all have stuff that gets put to the side, from now and then

    I was in the process of making a Applique Quilt with little boys and girls on it. Kind of like Holley Hobby style. I had ran out of patterns, so never finished that project.

    Finding this got me thinking. We can design all kinds of stuff using the Wonderful SBM program. Here are a Few items I made using shapes from the SBM shape file.

    These are not perfect, but close enough for what I need.

    The Boys hat - I used a Oval and an Apple upside down to make the hat shape

    Girls bonnet - I used a circle and the Pie wedge.

    Overalls - I used the palm tree trunk for straps and the arch door 1 up and 1 down for the body part and then the u turn arrow for the legs

    I also used a couple of black tile pieces just to hide parts I didn't want to show up on my finished product.

    You can use the title text (beings you can make it as big or small as you need to help you make shapes also. Dingbat fonts??? Perfect for shapes.

    As I get time I will keep making these pieces, and then make a page using them so you can get an idea of what I am trying to achieve.

    I hope this helps someone realize they can design quilts and Make their on shapes

    Here is an awesome You Tube Tut from the Wonderful Donna Thomas to show you how to create your own Shapes:

    Happy Scrapping!!!
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    Brilliant! Brilliant! BRILLIANT! Way to GO!! True Blue SHapes LOVER!


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      Great job Kimmyann. I havent got around to doing some shapes yet, I will have to give it a go.


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        Hoping Everyone can put their thinking cap on and come up with some Awesome shapes and then we can use them to make some SBM kids

        Thanks to my Dear Friends the Donna's !!! Hugs My Dears!!!


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          Ok I finally took some time and made a Girl and Boy.

          I used the shapes from top of this thread and added:
          Boy's arms are a ( and a , the comma is a rounded one and I turned it to look like elbow is bent. I used the Caption Text so I could stretch which ever direction I needed it to grow. Pockets are arch shape and stitches are dashes in ribbon text.

          Girl - Dress is a wedge shape from SBM shapes. Arms are ` in caption text stretched to desired shape. Her feet is a comma again caption text and stretched to desired look.

          I am tickled how they turned out!!!

          What can you do with the shapes I attached here? Come On Guys jump in!!


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            I could NOT have done so well with this AWESOME set of shapes you have made! WOW!!! Keep em comin!


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              Thank you!! Don't look like no one wants to play with the shapes I was hoping to get some ideas to finish my quilt!!


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                Awesome idea. Love it and very cleaver you are.
                Kind wishes from Carena
                Scrapbook Max Digital Designer
                Visit me in the store Here also grab my blinkie if you wish.


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                  Thanks Carena!! Hugs!!


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                    Here's my idea of a front view..for bonnet and shoes..

                    DLT KA bonnet front view.pngDLT KA leg front view.png

                    Now to make a shoe lace for it! Get out the Wacom tablet! LOL


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                      Cool!!! Love it!!


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                        Thanks Kimmyann for sharing these!
                        I am a proud Member of the Following Creative Teams

                        My friends are Angelwithin, Carena, Daydreamer, Dillie1, Eye. Frannieanne, Granny, Janarae, KimmyAnn, ksd_24_f, Marion, Moonbeam, The FreeSpirit and Wolvsie35


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                          Your Welcome Linda..... I am trying to come up with different looking kids for a quilt

                          Hint Hint- Can you make some?