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It's BLINKIE time!

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  • It's BLINKIE time!

    It's the beginning of the year! Time for new blinkies I think! LOL

    OK folks..I'm back to making blinkies again...anyone wishing me to make them a special blinkie just request and give details as to colors, items in blinkie, what you want to blink, etc... If you want to use items from a kit you will have to send me the items and I'll give you my email through Max emails. I will only use them for your blinkie and delete them when blinkie is made..Because blinkies are personal use to you only...any kit is OK to use. I will keep the PSD files for any changes that need to be made.

    Favorite quotes
    Favorite Scriptures
    Your ebay name and hobbies
    Or just your ebay name..

    Winter theme
    Summer theme

    Birthdays announcement, etc..

    I always make each blinkie unique to the individual..

    Let me know in this post and I'll do them in the order received..

    I do NOT work on the Sabbath..Friday evening and no replies will be given at that time..ThANKS!

  • #2 one wants a BLINKIE? Last time (4 years ago) I did this you kept me busy none stop for 6's like a ghost town here at Max...sad face! will be on going ..hoping for someone to give me some fun work for them! doesn't cost a dime!


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      I got mine!! Happy Face!!!!


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        I give you two snowflake blinkies to choose from and you use them both! That is true enjoyment! THANKS WONDER WOMAN!


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          We'll you said chose which one I liked......... I liked them both Wonder!!! Can't help it!! It's snowflake time!!


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            You tickle me!!!


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              I'm loading off the blinkies I was carrying here to advertise my desire to make one for anyone that would like one made for here are some examples to give you an understanding of the kinds of things I can do for you! We are only limited by our imagination!

              Just post your desire for one to this thread or email me here at Max by clicking on my name and PM me!

              Hoping that will showup as blinkies..if not..just links..hum..


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                Yeah! it worked...

                here is a template created for a challenge many years can use as a worksheet to help me produce your blinkie...

                DLT - Nov. Blinkie challenge worksheet.sm2t


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                  If you all DON'T want about a signature made using the Flourishing Corners and Dividers????? I can work them up in the glitter if you like...or use my shapes and do them up in any color or kit you like!

                  Keep me busy!


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                    Here's some samples for signatures..

                    We can make them up any way you like!


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                      You could also make your OWN signatures in's a sample of 72 dpi..and the 118 for web sizing..
                      make the image 300x100 or 300x200..whatever works for you..

                      Then go to tab on your page..SAVE IMAGE PNG..not jpg.. CHECK transparent background..
                      and browse and name item and location...Then take image and send to photobucket or the like...and select IMG link, then open MAX...go to settings..EDIT SIGNATURE.. RIGHT click in Box and PASTE the image in the box..

                      I pump up the effects..advanced..just a hair at a time..helps

                      72 dpi with nothing done to it..

                      118..dpi and a little brightness added

                      dropshadow added

                      Something to think about! Be all you can be on MAX!!