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Masked 8x8 Challenge SHAPES

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  • Masked 8x8 Challenge SHAPES

    We are working up 8x8 Masked templates in the TEMPLATES 2 section as a challenge to rearrange these two basic designs...Here is an ideas of using them as grids, alignments, framers...whatever you wish to call them..they make for quick template making! I LOVE them! SHAPES ROCK! DLT 2-2Recsq V4.pngDLT 2-2Recsq V3.pngDLT 2-2Recsq V2.pngDLT 2-2 Recsq V1.pngDLT 9 sq grid alignment.png

    Simply RIGHT CLICK
    Select SAVE IMAGE AS
    and send them to your SHAPES freebie folder..

    PERSONAL USE only ..

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    Clarification on PERSONAL USE

    With any of my FREEBIE all means can use them with YOUR Freebie templates and designs for freebies on MAX..

    The only restrictions are to not use them as commercial use items ..where you gain money for my efforts..

    And courtesy...always give credit when using them in one of your freebie giveaways.


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      WOW!!! These can come in handy!! Thanks Wonder!!


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        Thanks for sharing Donna!
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          Thanks! this is great to have!
          Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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            Thanks Tin Tin and lindaathome! Hey..ladies...join in the fun at the Templates 2.0 section of the 8x8 Masked Templates challenge! Love to see what you come up with! Earn a flair in process!


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              Thank you!


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                So Welcome Ellenb!


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                  Hello there......Nice to see you here again Donna....I will try to join in your fun challenge.


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                    Hello Donna!

                    Bless you! This thread is an oldie but stuff like these shapes still have great fun in them! Love to see whatever you
                    would like to do with them!

                    I'm a die hard SHAPEs lover of Max! That will never change! Long live SHAPES! LOL..

                    HUGS, donna


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                      I havent been around in max very much lately, alot going on, but I will be true to my word and do a belated page. Hugs!


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                        Can't wait to see what you do with them! Fantastic is your middle name when it comes to MAX fun!

                        Hugs girl!


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                          Where is the shapes freebie folder? I found a shapes folder in the gallery folder, but it told me I didn't have permission to save there.


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                            I made my own Shapes folder, but I am a Shape nut

                            Click each of Donna's shapes (it make them bigger), then right click "save as" where ever you want to save them.

                            Hope this Helps!!