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d27 flower punches set

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  • d27 flower punches set

    I have created flower punch outs on sheets. 16 different colors from black to yellow. You need to use your "Crop" tool for this. Bring the sheets in and then copy>paste them and crop what you shadow to give it the pop off the page look..Mix, match and don't forget we have a flower shaper in the shapes folder that you can use on any paper you like to add great variety of play with plaids, etc. Effects do not work on these because they have transparent background. This is what I came up with to use on my template d27 flower punch. I like this look with simple formats. Easier on sheets than constant going back and forth to embellishments for each piece. DON'T forget to COPY each sheet you are going to take something from. Otherwise, you will go back and forth.. Put 3 samples in there to remind you of what it is about, however those 3 have flat appearance not layered. Just quickie. Have fun! LOVE THIS BOOSTER PACK from STEVE!! THANKS!!
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    Cool! Thank you so mucho Autistic!!


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      Check this out..This is what I'm talking about...

      Angelwithin has just posted a GORGEOUS layout with the shaper flowers. Love this look and she has really done a great job!!


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        thank you so much for sharing.......i love having new toys to play with... guess the housework will have to wait again tomorrow lol

        angel xx

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          So nice; thank you for sharing them!


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            Folks, this thread is now OBSOLETE

            With new learning comes better ways of doing things..Wish I knew this earlier before making all these punched flowers...Here is link to FLOWER PUNCHES that will allow you all the variety of color and patterns you wish. Made these SHAPES for the SHAPE folder in SBM. You can make SHAPES easily. All you need is white on black 300dpi picture 2x2 size or up to 12x12 for fun page blow up proportion. Gray will give some vellum look to punched image. PNG format. Now everything is possible.