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  • Oh Boy!

    O.K so I'm that newbie greedly gobbling up everyones offerings, begging for boy stuff, wondering how the hell people actually make this beautiful stuff. SO....I've tried a bit of boy stuff of my own (God I hope this baby due in August is a girl!).
    Anyway I've saved it all as pngs, and tried to add thumbnails using them but it was taking forever and a day to upload so i've added the thumbnails as jpegs (i don't really understand these file types).
    Some of these "embellies" are a bit dodgy but I'm trying to contribute here.. so you'll have to suffer my experiements. I'm happy to post them in whatever format i need to if anyone actually wants any of these creations. I'd love to do it in the format that just puts it stright into sbm - I need to downlad the embellishment maker thingy for that right?
    Anyway you should see attached thumbnails of these things...a toy guitar, a star, some toy tools, a builders hat, firemans hat and toy fireengine. I'll see if anyones interested (i've warned you its all a bit rough) and if so i will spend the time over the weekend working out how to post them here in a format people can use.
    Please I could do with some constuctive criticism so please feel free to advise or suggest anything that might help me improve. Also if anyone knows an easy non-tech way to apply shadows ( a bit more shadow that is than the option in sbm, using photoshop elements I'd love to know how)
    Thanks if you read this far!
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    Sorry last ones here - so you can only upload 8 or so in one post - worked that out now! How do i combine into one thumbnail? The more I do the more questions i have!
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      bummer forgot one - please bear with me I know I'm mucking this up but i spent so much time creating these **##*** things I'm determined to put them here in case anyone can make use of them. Please forgive me for these messy postings
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        Bless your BIG heart!!! You've got the wonderful "bug" of wanting to learn and it is growing on you!! That's what makes the world go round!! THESE are WONDERFUL!!! Thanks for taking all that time to post these!!


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          Awww....that is so kind. Congrats on doing such a fantastic collection. I'm very impressed.
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            Count me in!!!

            I would love these little embies - Nancee - I have a little 2 year old boy who loves all of these things, especially tools!!! I can't make a darn thing, either, other than templates - I think you're doing great.

            I don't care HOW you post them, I can get them where they need to be! As long as they're PNGs with a clear background........

            Thanks so much for the offer!


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              Nice work! These are all really cute, and I know the people with little boys especially will love them!


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                Thanks for the collection. Haven't decided if I will us them for my boys or my 6 yr old GD. She always wants to help Dad too. And Mom and I use all those tools too.

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                  If you get that "GIRL" in August..... I know we'll have plenty of baby dolls and stuff toys for her pages.
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                    Thanks for all your effert Nancee! None of us knew what we were doing when we first started, we are all learning together!



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                      Oh Nancee!!! I am just sitting her reading All your posts and I am laughing to myself, How sweet you are!!! Thanks so much for learning this! We all benefit from your learning and I know in just a short time you will be a pro at it!
                      WAY TO GO GIRL!!!


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                        Thank U for sharing!

                        I'm so impressed you can do this! I can't make anything! Awesome!


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                          Great Work

                          As one with three grandchildren - all boys - I can surely use these.

                          I can use Photoshop to make the backgrounds transparent, but I have not yet made anything like this from scratch, so you are ahead of a lot of us.

                          And by the way, I don't see anything "messy" about your posts.