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Need "Hollow" star shape

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  • Need "Hollow" star shape

    Hey all you talented PS & PSP people!!! Does someone have - or can someone make for me - a star shape that is actually just an outline - thick or thin or whatever....

    I would like a "photo shape" so I can use any paper scrap....

    I would SOOO appreciate it! I'm working on a series of pages for my daughter's very first gymnastics meet this weekendn - and they are Northstar gymnastics. I want to use stars on the page!

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    Put this together for you hoping I covered what you need for this project..

    Here's a cutout for star frame, a star frame silver, and a cutout for your pictures..So they all match..same size..If not..let us know and one of us is bound to get it right for you!!
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      Hi Kristy,

      I see autisticwonder has done some lovely work for you.

      Additionally,there are a couple of star embellishments available in the original Scrapbook MAX! content - you can find them under Embellishments (Photo Objects Vol.2). I really like the shiny star button ("star10"), and you can enlarge "star 1" ( a hollow star) and make a "frame" for your pictures. There is also a star cutout shape found by going to Custom Shapes (when working with a photo or a paper scrap), then choosing the "Object" category, and then choosing photoshape-star6 (to make a paper scrap into a star).

      Hope that helps!



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        forgot to straighten the star for you for easier punching of photos..Sorry.
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          What clever people are on here, thank you x
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            OH yes I have to agree Eng! Loads of fantastic new shapes! I love them all!
            Thanks Wonder!!!!

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              Thank You!!!

              You understood exactly what I wanted!!! I will play with it in a bit to see how it works!

              Thank you! I've made one page so far - check it out on the Bulleting Board (look at my layout section).


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                Thanks again Wonder!


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                    A little fatter star..The shape would not cooperate with me for the outside but sometimes worked for the inside fattening part..Hum..Think this will work better Kristy?? Gold Star anyone??
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                      OOOOHHHHH - I love them! Thank you so much!!!! I am making several pages, so I LOVE the variety!

                      THANKS X A MILLION! You're wonderful and kind and generous!


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                        Thanks again Wonder!