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nothin fancy - just some doodled words

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  • nothin fancy - just some doodled words

    i got a pen tablet and am learning to work with it - here are a few doodles
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    they come out great xx

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      Great Job on the word art! I love it! I love working with it sooo much, I know its nice to type the words but I really love using others it just looks soooo good! Thanks Big Time!!!

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        How do you like the PEN TABLET and what brand!! So now are you able to write with your own handwriting on scrap pages in scrapbookmax..Or do you have to import?? Very curious..haven't gotten my birthday present yet from hubby and asked for a pen mouse for birthday..Angelwithin gave me some helpful suggestions..but think maybe a tablet?? Hate to spend money on something I can't try out first..So this is your natural handwritten notes!!! SO COOL!! Would optical mouse work?? Tons of questions!!


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          Thay are lovely Julie thank you.
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            Beautiful Julie... Wish my handwriting was that elegant.

            Donna, I have a HyperPen from Aiptek! Is a basic model, but it's great. Is a good idea to buy the basic one and learn to use it, then if you are happy you can always invest on a better one.

            Tablets are not only good for writing, but for tracing images, etc.


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              I got the wacom graphire 4 by 6

              not in love with it like i thought i would be but that's probably because i've not played with it much other than what i shared with you all.

              I did get a sweet deal on it, though - It' $99 and circut city had $50 in rebates so I got it for half price - I'm a sucker for a deal...

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                This is so nice. Thank you very much.
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                  Very Nice Julie. Will have to look in to getting one.


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                    I got the same one for my birthday Julie, I haven't mastered it yet either. It did not come with much for instructions and I haven't had much time to play with it. Maybe seeing your work will inspire me to get back to it and learn something new!



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                      Wacom Tablet

                      I've always wanted to get one of those, but I didn't want to spend the money.

                      Let us know how you like it after a while. If it turns out to be useful for the scrapbooking, I will want to get one, too.