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English Football (soccer) Embellishment kit

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  • English Football (soccer) Embellishment kit

    i keep seeing threads asking for English Football / soccer embies so heres a little kit ive put together into a zip file

    in it is :-

    5 x paper scraps
    2 x netted goals - old trafford wont miss them
    1 x the FA cup (dont let the police know i got it lol) plus ribbons
    1 x football pitch - dug it up myself!
    1 x a whistle for the ref
    2 x goalie gloves - borrowed from David James
    2 x footy boots - they are a spare pair of becks he'll never notice
    1 x a plaster (bandaid) for those cut knees
    3 x footballs incase you puncher one
    1 x a stroppy teenage rising star!
    2 x offside flag shapes - for those bad decision!
    1 x footy sock shape - yes i washed it first!
    1 x footy shirt shape - so you can support any team in any colour
    1 x the word Goal - for these rare moments
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  • #2 goosh..packed a plenty...WOWOW..The English, the Irish, The whole UK is going to enjoy this..We just stole it will be VERY POPULAR here in the STATES in no time!! I"M READY with this kit!!!!THANKS GIRL!! IT's BRILLIANT!!


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      Thanks Fiona, very nice.


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        thank you very much. Stored away for when I come up with an idea for LO.


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          great work, thank you for sharing!!!


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            I was looking for a basketball templett. Does anyone have one or know where I can find one? I also want to say I love all your freebies they are so pretty and you can see mine at under proud grandma dunham. THat is where I am loading all my pages. Check it out!! Thanks again!! Clara Sue AKA Nanna Susie


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              Xoxoxoxo!!!! Fiona

              Fiona, I do not remember myself, but I know that it had somebody needing these for its grandson!!

              Of the one to make a beautiful work with that you it supplied, I loved, thanks ok



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                Wonderful. TYFS, Fiona.



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                  Thank you Fiona, I can do a footie lo for my son now
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                    LOL, oh how cute! If that rising-star teenager eventually becomes a well-known, you'll let us know his name, right? Heh-heh

                    Thank you very much, it all! So cute and fun!

                    *raises her arms in the universal goal sign* It's good!!!


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                      wow this is fantastic exactly what I have been looking for, for my football mad son. Thanks so much


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                        very nice i have old soccer photos of my grandsons to scrap.Thank you so much.

                        buddies are- angelwithin


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                          THX sooo much Angelwithin . . . My boys are soccer crazy at the moment and both play for a club, so this is perfect!!