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Miltary Embellishment kit to help shelbz

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  • Miltary Embellishment kit to help shelbz

    shelbz has ask for some help (threads in the template section) so ive put together this kit to help

    shelbz has loads of photos that need scrapping fast - so all the help we can get would be great in making templates

    kit contains:
    9 x paper scraps
    3 x photo mats
    6 x frames
    6 x fixers
    6 x embellishments

    you can use this kits for any other projects you want its not exclusive to helping shelbz but any templates shared im sure will be greatfully recieved - if you do decide to help can you post all your templates into one thread in the templates section so they are easier to find

    love fiona xx
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    AWESomE GIRL!! Now we need to know what Military Branch Shelbz is needing and I'll get started right away too..

    Kimbob is going to do some mask templates so I'll do the same so we don't all do the same ones to help her out with templates!! Embellishments..we will need all the embellishments possible..Army vehicles, emblems, flags, bar stripes (no clue how to translate a bar) etc.

    Angelwithin has us covered with papers and frames to get us going..AWESOME!!! We are a MILITARY SCRAPBOOK FORCE in full power..Marion will be a great help with this when she gets on board as well as the rest of the gang..Be FUN to see what one day's worth can bring!!!! RARARARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! GIIIIRRRRRR!!
    Headum out!! ..(ALWAYS wanted to say thatLOLOL)

    I've found some military templates used for websites to give me a guideline for some MILITARY style mask layouts..Think it would be lots of fun to see our WHOLE gang use whatever mask layouts are out there and use your kit ANGELWITHIN to pump her out bunches of templates same layout but so different in style!!! Gotta run to do my part!!! I'm so excited!!!


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      I was wondering too, what branch of the military. I will work on some pages a little later today, but count me in!


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        Thank you so much, Fiona...;o) I lost a set that I was going to use for a cousin's son in Iraq...I am sooooo happy to have these!!!


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          I love this

          WOW, I hope I can get this after I get home. I'm unable to download right now. LUV IT!
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            Thank u for the great kit


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              Thanks Fiona!


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                very nice - thanks


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                  cheers mum, this will help me alot on a new one im makeing =]


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                    Thank you for the great kit. I am always looking for military stuff. A lot of people in my family past - present and one who is waiting til they turn 18 to join have been in the military. I think my family has had some one in very branch of the military. The longer I work on my family tree the more I find that served.