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    No need to explain Nancy....And remember with God you can never "blow" it.


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      OH, Nancy..that gave me relief from dry eye this morning!! My prayers have always been that of all the pain a person can face, don't let me face the loss of one of my kids!!! You could say I'm overly protective at times of my kids. John used to have a sensitivity to certain neon lights when he was little and as soon as I was distracted in the least..OFF he would go..OUT of the store and into SOMEONE else's car! Terror like Marion is what I felt. Crops, I'm being good here..won't apologize..but my heart does go out to you NANCY!!! I still sleep with one eye open you might say. Security system in the house incase John gets a wild hair in the middle of the night to take off to a neighbors house to investigate their audio system..Happened..Called the police to find him one time for taking off on his bike when I was in the shower. He was found 2 miles down the road. He was trying to ride his bike to school (12) miles because his teacher had read a story to them about riding their bikes to school that week!! Sneaky!! Fisher was a big help but not alert to all dangers John could and would get into.

      I don't mean to go on..but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure..Eric too has had a few moments that he would get to far from us and get lost!!! YEAH for Walmart QUICK action with my kids!!! My gray hairs have all been EARNED!!!

      NANCY...BIG, BIG, BIG HUGS to you!!! I've come to rely on the "BIG" guy for total eye coverage of my kids!! You can only do so much!! The Lord will manage the rest if you let him!! I know what a "Bad Mommy" I've felt like when my kids would run off!! how I'd never be able to forgive myself if anything happened to them!!

      God BLESS all the MOMS and DADS and their precious WONDERS!!!


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        Originally posted by crops2dawn View Post
        OMG OMG OMG!!!!! Nancy!!! My worst fear came to you!!!! Oh tragic it must of been!!!! You poor soul! I certainly can feel your pain through your writing!
        You had 2 tragedies in your life, We must be one heck of a strong person!!
        I am soo sorry Nancy!! I get the feeling that you have found your child and she was brought home, I can only pray to God that she/he was safe and not harmed in anyway!
        The scarest dream I had last night, I think it was because of this thread! AND Wonder if you appologize I will beam you to the moon!
        I dreamt that both my girls where killed, and I lost them forever!!! I have never felt pain like that in my life, yes I thought when my parents, especially my Mother died, that the pain was immense, but after last night and feeling those feeling, of such deep loss I totally went insane! I woke up and Thanked the dear Lord it was just a dream, I was sooo nice to the girls today and would of given them anything they asked for! ( thank-God that didnt ask for too much) I was just soooo relieved it was a Dream!! I cant image what it must be like for someone to go through that!!!
        Glad it was just a dream! I have had some of those. Once while my son was in Iraq, I dreamt he died and I planned his whole funeral, music and all in my dream. Woke up soaking wet from crying! It was only a dream!!!!


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          Xoxoxox, Donna

          Donna, you has blessed hands, e our Karol, deserves everything of good, is certain that was radiating of joy when seeing these, fantastic idea, congratulations, that to each day its mind it works more, stops in them bringing its pretty creations ok



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            HI, Nancy

            Nancy, much commotion is history, this irreparable loss, but I am certain that God comforts its heart, I I lost my I marry, and my son had 4 years of age, and always he asked to me if the papa would not come back more, this was also very difficult for me to manage, but Grace God, everything decided themselves, everything passed, today it have 13 years and a healthful glad boy, I was married again make 4 years, and we are a family again happy, in this life we are of ticket pains the sufferings are all tests of our faith stop with God, it only can in them console ok

            A great kiss Nancy


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              Originally posted by rosana brito View Post
              Nancy, much commotion is history, this irreparable loss, but I am certain that God comforts its heart, I I lost my I marry, and my son had 4 years of age, and always he asked to me if the papa would not come back more, this was also very difficult for me to manage, but Grace God, everything decided themselves, everything passed, today it have 13 years and a healthful glad boy, I was married again make 4 years, and we are a family again happy, in this life we are of ticket pains the sufferings are all tests of our faith stop with God, it only can in them console ok

              A great kiss Nancy
              Sorry about your loss Rosana too, I did not know. We are all learning a lot about each other. It is good to have friends.


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                Thank you all for your sweet, kind, are lovely people...;o)

                Life is difficult for each of us in different is in finding the good that would not have happened except that the bad happened that we find peace...the good things following are not necessarily caused by the bad events but are a kind of flowing from them. Jealousy is one of the most stupid things because the only reason we would think someone has such a life that seems perfect is because we don't know them well enough to know what burdens they bear or have born.

                Our child...a daughter...did arrive home safely...happy to be home...and went on to build a good life...not perfect...but with renewed appreciation of family and faith...she is also the one we lost to eternity almost 12 years after she returned "You Are the Wind Beneath My Wings"...she bought that on a CD for me and made me sit near her while we held each other and bawled. She was a treasured gift...whose life was short but not without purpose. One absolutely wonderful trait of hers...something this world needs more of...she always took absolute responsibility for her own actions...never blamed anyone or anything else...I am still very proud of her for that...;o)

                Carol, Donna, Rosanna, Marion...I hope I haven't missed anyone...I am sooo happy that I decided to post at this site...;o) I have learned that...from cursory observation at other scrapping sites also...that scrappers are, as a whole, just plain NICE people who know what real love is!!!

                BIGG HUGGGS,
                P.S. The only book I have ever felt complete confidence in recommending was written by a Rabbi..."When Bad Things Happen to Good People". I always believed in a Supreme Being...A First Cause...God...but after reading that book I fell in love with God...;o)


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                  Sorry to be so long-winded...but I do hope there are no more of those horrible nightmares...;o(

                  A son in Iraq...a young husband and father dying...a child wandering out of a store or missing in some other way.....then you will understand when I say I am no stronger than any one of you. We are DH believes that women really do play most of the mentally demanding roles in life and that we are tougher than most men...;o)


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                    Let me just wipe my eyes...what stories...
                    First I want to say to wonder..what a great idea and so thoughtful of you..and you picked a perfect person to honor by their making...Our croppie is indeed a very special person
                    her heart is full of love and wit and charm and Im so glad to call her my friend..
                    When we talk to our friends on line we just never know what tragedy they have had in their with Carol and Rosana..I dont have any words to say to you except the one thing I have learned beyond a shadow of a doubt...God never puts more on us than He gives the strength to bear...thanks so much for makes us even closer friends and you may never know who you have helped along the way with your words..God Bless Each and Every One of our SBM family. (((((BIG GROUP HUG)))))
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                      Ok I got the HIBBIE JIBBIES ALL OVER ME BODY!!! Nancy!! You dear sweet women! I am sooo happy you told us your story, like Jazz says that is how we get to know each other, we all know many happy times in scrapping, but its the sad things that we keep to ourselves and do not display them on a layout! (thank God that could be soooo depressing) but just telling a bit of your story helped us get to know you better! We All do have sadness in our lives and it helps to talk about them sometimes. I am sooo happy your girl came home and conquered things she should of never had to deal with! Then to loss her all over again, must of been....well there are no words I can say, I am so sorry!
                      But Nancy you found a great group of people willing to listen anytime you feel like talking, we are ONE BIG FAMILY here!!! and YOU are part of it now whether you like it or not! LOL

                      PS dont ever feel like you typed a book, I do it all the time, and the peeps in here dont mind it at all!!! They may say I am a little of me rocker sometimes, but hey arent we all????

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                        Whipping the tears

                        My goodness, I am still trying to catch up from the past week and find myself in awwwwwwww of all the news and new threads. Nancy, I can not imagine having my child missing but I certainly know how it feels when they're gone. I still remember the lose of my Donnie. I am blessed with still having both my parents.

                        I have to share this little story. Last week, my 3 yr old nephew (Chandler) escaped his house. He actually removed the screen from his front room window and got out. A neighbor returned him. That little guy is always escaping and is a full time job for my brother and family to keep track of him. Kids are so fast!

                        I love our cyber family and so proud of everyone here. It's nice to know we can cry together and laugh together.
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                          I'm going to READ the book "When BAD things happen to GOOD people"..I've heard of it before and so I think twice is the charm to finally read it. Don't what time three to hit to wake me up to read it!! THANKS NANCY for the wonderful sharing!! HUGGGGGYS!!!

                          Marion, when I received the final word on both of our boys condition called "AUTISM" first response was..."OH..THANK YOU Heavenly FATHER..they will never have to go to war" My husband sank into depression but I rejoiced. My heart feels for you and how hard this has to be on you with a son in IRAQ. I will add him to my list of those to pray in earnest about!!! With prayer, I never get a busy signal!! HUGGGGGZ GIRL!!

                          Jazz, I JUST ABSOLUTELY ADORE YOU, APPRECIATE ALWAYS any comments you make!! ALWAYS uplifting and come from GREAT STRENGTH!! THANKS!!! HUGS!!

                          CROPS...I think we need to serve some of your famous "ROOTBEER" here!!LOL.. You big HEART!!!!!! This was inspiring!!!

                          I'm deeply moved by all the thoughts and comments shared!!! ROSANA..sorry to hear of your HUSBAND but GRATEFUL to share in your STRENGTH!!!!

                          HUGGGGS ALL AROUND!!! To Pray for each other is a GREAT gift!!
                          I think Nancy72 has really made us painfully aware of the bad things that can happen to our kids reguardless of how hard we may try!! THanks for sharing what's RIGHT with the world too!!!


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                            Thanks Wonder, Actually my son is back home now. He injures his back pretty bad while there, so eventhough he is still in the service, I am not sure if they would send him back, but if he does, I know God will be with him again. Thanks all of you for being such wonderful friends!


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                              I've just read through this twice trying to take it all in. It is both heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time. You are all amazing.
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                                Crops dear!!!! Thank you sooo much for this ID mask I still use it! i prepared my stefy's class id !!!! and i am soo happy to use this mask thanks again!!!!
                                Iam trying to use my sbm program in a pc, because my mac is still sick in the apple care so iam sooo happy too to use it again ! is sooooo easy and quick so PLEASE SBM team!!! try to prepare or convert this great program to MAC users!!!!!!
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