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  • d27 PACKERS for SHAPES, Paper SCraps and BACKGROUNDS

    This is nothing FANCY..but I've wrestled with this for months and just NEVER GOT it until NOW!! How do we DIRECT SHAPES to the SHAPES folder, BACKGROUNDS to strictly BACKGROUNDS folder, and PAPER SCRAPS..STRAIGHT to the PAPER SCRAPS sections..DAH..We have it in writing just at the front of the forum but I didn't understand it..NOW, I do..So this is from ONE DUMMIE to another DUMMIE..If you have figured out how to do this..Several have..then this is not for you..I'm GREEN with envy!!! and BLACK and BLUE from beating myself up over this!!
    I've taken the liberty to make a simple SBM PAPER SCRAPS PACKER folder, a SBM BACKGROUNDS PACKER Folder and a SBM SHAPES PACKER Folder for you with install.ini text written out for you already. You can place these on your desktop or in your specified shapes section, backgrounds, and paper scraps for simplicity in finding them.
    Tutorial given in two page jpg format for you to use where ever..Simply RIGHT CLICK each jpg image and SAVE IMAGE as directing it to pictures, wherever you wish..
    FOR THE ZIP folders..SEND THEM either to your DESKTOP or to your specific folders for unzipping..Don't confuse them..Send them were title lists it as packing for you..The install.ini files match the folder description..All you HAVE to do is DIRECT your items of SHAPES to the SBM SHAPE PACKER folder. ONce you have them all there..THEN OPEN the install.ini file inside folder and NAME the contents of the folder where designated..DO NOT CHANGE anything else but the end tabs for file name..You will be sooooo SORRY if you do!!! LOL.. SAVE CHANGES to install.ini and click on all the items IN the folder packer including INSTALL.ini file..NOT folder packer itself..and ZIP contents..THEN Click on zip folder and RENAME changing extention to .smb..VERY CRITICAL..Then it will change to smb folder...WOWO and double click to test it..That little zipped .smb is what you will send to us and when someone clicks on will AUTOMATICALLY go to SHAPES, or BACKGROUNDS, or PAPER SCRAPS..Whichever packer you use..So excited!!! DAH!! Instructions are listed!!! so you don't forget!!!
    Have FUN!!! For DUMMIES ONLY!!! Maybe Steve will take pity on us after seeing this and make some AWESOME PACKERS for us..AFTERALL...I use HIS Embellishment Packer RELIGIOUSLY!! IT ROCKS my BOAT with EASE!!! Hint, HINT!! and it gets OVER used for shapes and paperscraps, and backgrounds..forcing everyone to HUNT embellishments and MOVE the files to shapes, paper scraps, backgrounds..DAH!!!..I'm such a TRUE DUMMIE!!
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    Wow Wonder, thank you so much. I haven't taken all this in but shall go thru' it all slowly. Thank you so so much for taking the time and trouble to so this, you are a star
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      Thanks, I started to do this once and never finished. Started doing the drag and drop method and preferred to not put things into the program areas, because I usually forgot who gave them then.

      Maybe now, with your wonderful instructions, I might change back.

      You are a doll for doing this for us.

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        read it all but it was like a breeze and it flew over my head. it looks to hard.
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          Thank u for sharing


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            Originally posted by eye View Post
            read it all but it was like a breeze and it flew over my head. it looks to hard.
            Just my point too with the written word from the forum on how to manage this..So to make it easier, I made you some folders up with the install.ini in it..

            ALL you have to do is drop your giveaway items into that folder.
            Then go to the install.ini file IN the Packer folder...

            CHANGE the FILE name to what ever you want but I recommend you add your special code so as NOT to overwrite something else with same name.

            Then CLOSE the install.ini file.

            Press Control key down and HIGHLIGHT all the items you want to zip up IN the folder..NOT the folder itself..INCLUDING the install.ini

            Then RIGHT CLICK...SEND to Compressed zip

            Find your NEW compressed ZIP at the end of the item row and it will be named the name of your first item in the row...RIGHT CLICK and RENAME

            Call it the name of your FILE with SPECIAL CODE for YOU and change the .zip to .smb....PRESS enter..DONE..Now test it by DOUBLE clicking it and it will load all the items to your SHAPES section for Shapes Packer, etc..

            That nice package is ready for you to upload to the forum for giving away.

            Once someone CLICKS on the nice blue link..IT AUTOMATICALLY GOES to the SHAPES folder if you used the SHAPES PACKER, ETC..No using the EMBELLISHMENT PACKER anymore for the SHAPES and BACKGROUNDS and PApER SCRAPS..

            It is complicated to understand especially when we don't know much about computers to begin with.. Marion makes it easy too..She just copies and pastes a install.ini file to her folder and then zips it..That works too!!!

            Fiona gave me motivation to figure this out..Others have learned it...why can't I!! I've always used the WONDERFUL, FANCY EMBELLISHMENT PACKER for ALL MY NEEDS..Then tell people to go move it to their SHAPES folder, eTC..manually..WHat a PAIN that can be for some as well.. No more!! I'm a good girl now!! The files now go where I tell it to go!! WE CAN DO IT FOLKS!! SCRAPPERS RULE!!! Some of us just DON't GET THIS..SO I'm TRYING!!


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              Thank-You, and thank-you for making it so easy to know where to save each zip file. That is a hard one sometimes for an elderly newby!
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