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    Thanks Philip,

    Your flowers are very pretty and the sharing is appreciated.

    When I use the packer or a zip file, I usually drag the items into a scrapbook page and then publish that page to a .jpg file to show them all as one picture.

    Perhaps that will help you with a thumbnail as most of us like to see what we are downloading.

    It's simpler this way than showing them all separate and saves time in making each one smaller.

    I know we are fussy even when we get something for free.

    Thanks again.

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      thank you these are lovely, another reason some people like to see thumbnails is that they have limited download like me(I know that sounds silly in this day and age- but blame my hubby lol he set up the account) I have to pay heaps for anything that goes over the limit (needless to say my bills are huge rofl) anyway just thought I'd put my 2cents worth in thanks again they are lovely

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        GREAT flowers...Thanks so much...;o)