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  • With_Love_Kit_MA3

    As Promised this is the 1st Kit that I wanted to give to my Special Family here at MAX... " Thank-You " for your Understanding and Sweet comments, I am going to try very hard to get to Your Gallerys so I can see what Magic you have been creating...

    Here are The Links:

    Enjoy...Remember Who Loves You at The Rock
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    Very Nice, Thank you for sharing


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      Thank you for the great kit,but remember to take it easy and not overdo things,so glad to have you back!


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        Thank you so much - just please take it easy!! We want you completely recovered!!


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          Mary Ann, dear!
          what a nice surprise to see you again so soon, i'm so happy you are back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you get well soon completly!!! wish you the best of the best, Gob bless you and your family
          Thank you so so much for sharing with us your talent
          Sacannon, Granny, Marion, Eye, OnieRN, *Eng*,Rosana,Angelwithin, Jamiept son mis amigas!!!!!


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            This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


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              Goodness girl what are you doing awake at 1:01 am in the morning. I would think you would be snoozing and building your strength and instead your posting lovely kits for us! We all thank you----but please rest and recoup, you've been through so much. We love you and want to keep you around here for a very long time.


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                Thank you Mary Ann. Glad to see you back. Take it easy.


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                  MaryAnn!! This is BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful works with us. You have been truely missed around this forum. Take it easy and don't over do it. Get plenty of rest. WELCOME BACK.

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                    OMG Ma, you are a nut!!!!! But a wonderful nut at that! Dont push yourself, I dont care if ya never gave anything back as long as you are healthy, that is all that matters!!! I'm not saying that I havent missed your work, cause by gosh I have used all your stuff so much, I need new things of yours, only cause I love it sooo much! But dont over so it! I know you love doing it and I am sure it makes ya feel great! But please, take it easy OK?!!!! Thank you soo much for the lovely kit!! I'm sure it ROCKS just as much as you do!!!

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                      Absolutely Gorgeous !!!!!!!

                      OH! GOD! MARY, you returned with the force all girl, that work to spectacular, that God you I bless, I loved, in that we would have that to give gifts to it ok

                      Thanks thanks very much

                      I loved work



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                        To my Dearsest friend.You are far to kind and these are so beautiful.We sure missed you alot around here.Is yourr e-mail the same as I want to write yah. xo xo
                        One of your many Friends Irene
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                          Ah, MaryAnn, here you are, being true to your loving, giving self. Thank you for all the wonderful goodies. So much like you to start off by giving!!! We really love ya.

                          Please, take care, and like the gang said, don't over do it. The sunshine is back in our lives, we don't want it to go away again!


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                            I agree

                            Now MaryAnn, Here is the Nurses've heard it from everyone to slow down. I'm sure this is also therapeutic too. Continue to follow the doctors orders. Just remember too much of a good thing is not good. Now I will change hats.... we love you and are thrilled to have you back with us.
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                              Thank you so much for the kit. You are a wonderful person and as I have already said ..... Relax, take it easy and enjoy.
                              Sue xx

                              sigpic Makeyesup and Marion are my Buddies

                              Relax, take it easy and enjoy.