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mh51 - Ladybird paper

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  • mh51 - Ladybird paper

    I made this to start this template....
    Yours if you want it......
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    Oh I love ladybirds Mary, lovely
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      Mary Mary Wow. Beautiful Thank you xoxo.
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        Oh WOW you call them ladybirds there??? Ive only heard them called ladybugs.... but I like ladybirds better!!! Thanks Mary, awesome paper!!

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          Great paper, Amy is fascinated by Ladybirds, thanks for sharing.

          Oh yeah, they called Ladybirds over there. Still getting used to Ladybug
          Sue xx

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          Relax, take it easy and enjoy.


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            thats so good Mary.. and very cute.
            Isnt it funny most of us girls hate bugs but Lady bugs or Ladybirdsas you call them.. we all seem to love... its the only bug I would ever let crawl on my hand and like it.
            Why is that?
            Is it because they are so pretty or is it because as a child we are conditioned to like them?
            "Ladybug Lady bug fly away home" remeber that nursery rhyme?


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              Ladybirds-ladybugs-whatever you call them they are so cute! Love your LO--that paper was perfect for the picture. Thank you Mary.

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                wow thanks grabbed this while browsing

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                  Thanks Mary, like it!!

                  Good to see nanwu again, grabbing all you creation.....hahaha

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                    Oh Mary! I adore Ladybirds. Thank you so so much!

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