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Birth Certificate goodies for Love4Scraps (and everyone else) from knzus

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  • Birth Certificate goodies for Love4Scraps (and everyone else) from knzus

    Was in the process of making this anyway when I found out Love4Scraps needed some birth certificate ideas and items. L4S, I'm sure sorry it took me extra time to finish (had to put my family first since we had some medical/health things going on).

    This should auto-setup into your SBM Embellishments folder under "knzus - Birth Certificate (Embellishments)". All items are PNG (transparent backgrounds) and you can use them as is or colorize them, plus with any color background or paper you want

    There are 6 embellishments to make a birth certificate page -- one is "ready" for you to add to your page and "fill in the blanks" -- the rest you can make for the look you want and add your own text. The "baby footprint" was made by painting my hand with black craft paint and stamping a piece of copy paper (actaully a couple pieces of copy paper several times to get it right!! LOL!), scanning it, and then working on it in my graphics program. (Flourish is courtesy of a brush from Obsidian Dawn dot com.)

    Have also made a template to share in the Templates forum.


    P. S. NO papers with this package...the tan background you see was just a color I chose in SBM for an example.
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    What A Treasure!! This Is Wonderlicious Girl!! Love It!! Thanks So Much!!


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      So cute !!

      ohhhhhh!!!!! Knsuz, absolutely wonderful idea,. i loved it


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        this is great knzus!! Thank you!

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          Ohhh Kansas that was sooo nice of you!! I have heard form L4S and she had a terrible accident at home, something about the ceiling falling down in her twins bedroom! She is a complete mess, says her nerves are completely shot! Thats why she hasnt been around lately! She also says it might take another week before she get back on line. So lets all send her a little prayer and hope that everything works out for her the paperclips!
          BTW The birth certificate is ADORABLE!!! Thanks so much for doing this!! I am sure L4S will enjoy it once she returns!!!

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            oh goodness!! How scary!!!

            Knzus these are magnificent!!! LOVE THEM!! Thanks so much for the lovely treasure!!
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              Forgot to add that the "ready-made" image is rectangular...I had used it for a normal 8" (height) x 10" (width) photo paper setup.

              Soooooooooooo sorry to hear of L4S's traumatic experience! My oh my, she and her family will certainly remain in our prayers here! {{{big hugz}}} and many thoughts and prayers to you, L4S -- thinking of you...hope you'll be able to enjoy these when you get back!

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                This is great,thankyou


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                  Diana, (knzus) this is great!

                  Oh Crops, this is terrible news about L4S. Please send her our love and let her know that she is in our prayers. That is so scary to think about the ceiling falling!
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                    I'm starting to think my bad luck is rubbing off. Crops, when ya talk to L4S again, please let her know she's in my thoughts and prayers and I hope all goes well for her!

                    Knzus: The certificate is AWESOME! Almost looks like the real thing. I love it, you did a teriffic job on it..thanks for sharing it with us all.

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                      Thx, this is lovely >mwah<


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                        Thanks so much for letting all of us download this....I love it!!!