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    My aunt is a big fan of Bernard's...I didn't know it was in Canada. Too cool! I love Purdy's chocolate. Whenever I go west I try to find a Purdy's at the airport.


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      There's a nice quaint little French chocolate shop about a mile and a half from us here at work, over on Provencher, that makes some nice chocolates. The best thing going for them is that they're made fresh on site.

      His shop is remarkably plain, almost startlingly plain actually, but the chocolates were good.

      I found out about it when the chocolatier ran for office in our corner of town. He didn't win, but it must have been good for business.
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        Wow, Corey, that's awesome. I read an article recently about how chocolate is made, and it said pretty much what you did. Specially about the hard work that goes into it.

        Well, I absolutely love chocolate. But it makes me extremely hyper. Oh, well, maybe someday they will have unleaded chocolate!!!

        Thank you for sharing that wonderful experience, Corey.


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          His shop is remarkably plain, almost startlingly plain actually
          I love that. Old school. Definitely my style. If I lived there I'd buy from him just to support such a thing. I wish we had more small shops like that here. Al lthe stores here are oversized, overhyped and, objectively, the quality of goods/services in Calgary is the lowest I've seen anywhere in the world (that I've been) but for a few scanty exceptions.
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            Haven't looked yet

            but my friend, Nancy, is nuts about cows, so had to download this one! Matter of fact, I told her she needs to go to the Harvard Illinois Milk Days this coming weekend!



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              Originally posted by Corey View Post
              As a kid I worked harvesting cocoa a little bit. Tough work. You go through the jungle splitting open ripe pods as you find them, scooping the wet seeds (beans) into burlap sacks until they get a tiny bit too heavy to carry, then you haul them out on your back. It's usually about 34-35 Celcius with maximum humidity too.

              The splitting and scooping is done with a short knife and it's a real art actually. Some of those guys split cocoa so fast you can barely see their hands moving.

              Adjoined to our house was a special building called a cocoa house. The roof is on wheels. So you can roll it open when it's sunny and roll it shut when it's rainy. So after you haul the cocoa beans out of the bush you take them to the cocoa house and spill them out on the floor, spreading them evenly with a toothless rake. Then begins the process of drying and curing. Turning them several times per day with the rake and opening the cocoa house roof now and again the seeds become ready in a week or two, then it's back into sacks and off to market where the chocolate makers buy them.

              I never eat chocolate. Not sure why, I don't really have anything against it or anything. I just never eat candy. There's a "master chocolatier" who lives here in Calgary, makes chocolate by hand. Supposed to be pretty good. Check it out:
              What an interesting story!!!
              I love chocolate - don't go a whole day without i have some! I'll prob end up big as a house - I'll have to employ someone to bring me my chocolate!!!
              Love and Light to you and yours



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                Thanks for sharing