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Bride on a Mission (dun, dun, duh...)

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  • Bride on a Mission (dun, dun, duh...)

    I was wondering if anyone could help me. I am getting married in 28 days (omg). I would like to make some Victorian style pages for my album, but honestly, I'm to poor right now to buy any kits. If anyone has any Victorian embies, papers, anything that they would be willing to share, I would be forever in there debt ( or until I can afford PSP and can repay you all back with free stuff). Thank you in advance to everyone.


    P.S. I now know why everyone is addicted to digital scrapping. Can't keep off the computer. Driving my fiance crazy

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    Awww...I'm sure someone will help. I can't do clever stuff.
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      A few old things but it may not be what you want.

      A few flowers in this one.

      Some roses

      Some feathers
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        Some gold words

        A few more feathers

        Curved words

        Do not know if any of this helps.
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          by victorian do you mean a victorian style album pages like these attached or vintage album pages in sepia/vintage tones?
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            Echoing angelwithin for questions - we can assume you're having a Victorian wedding? What embellishments and eye-candies will be part of the day? If you have photos of 3 of them, your choice, I can turn them into embellishments.

            This embellishment-from-your-speical-object-ification is a service I briefly contemplated (and am still thinking about) -- jury's still out, but these would be free.

            PM me if you'd like to do this.


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              You could also go into the templates and this forum and use the search option...I typed in wedding and got lots of threads...Hope this helps...
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                I suppose I should have said vintage album in sepia/vintage tones. I'm actually having a Scottish/Celtic wedding. Sorry for the misunderstanding. And thank you to everyone for your help.


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                  is this something you could use?

                  just some things i have made over the past year.
                  saving it for doing a family album, but would work with wedding to! so maybe you like?

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                    Lila-those are very pretty. I like em. Stealing them for my stash

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                      They are lovely. Thank you very much.


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                        I will look through some of my graphic files, but these came to mind.
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                          Those are perfect. Thank you all so much for your generosity (I think that is how you spell it )


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                            Lovely freebies everyone!


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                              was again working with sepia

                              just love that color
                              so i did some things for my own heritage map but i thought you would maybe be able to use this to, so am posting it

                              hope you have a sunfilled wedding day by the way

                              and now to get to work on celtic things

                              love celtic stuff so will post if i find/make some!!
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