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  • 2 New Kits by MA3

    Hello to my MAX Family to day is my Birthday, I turned a Big 56 yrs old & tomorrow my Eldest Son Bryan turns 35
    And I am so Thankful to be able to share this Day with All the people I Love...So along with the 2 kits I send my Love on the Wings of my Angel Heres The Links:

    PS Always Remember that you are never far away ,as I keep you all in My Heart....Each Day I get alittle Stronger, soon I will be able to be here and Participate with my Max family Big (((HUGS))) and a Big Much of Love
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    Oh Mary Ann this is so nice of you to do this for us. We sure miss your bubbley personality.Hope to see you soon. Happy Birthday my friend and may you be blessed with many more.Luv yah girl. THANK YOU so much for these.
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      Happy Birthday to you and your son!

      Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful gifts with us on YOUR birthday. I pray you have a wonderful day.


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        This is very nice thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday hope you enjoy your day.
        Wolvsie, Eye, Tiffany scraps and Smile are my buddies.:cool


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          These are fantastic, thank you so much for sharing, and hope you had a wonderful Birthday x



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            Beautiful as always thanks so much...and happy bday to you son u
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              Wishing you a wonderful birthday and year to follow. Would sing to you except then everyone would leave SBM with my toneless voice.
              Your kits are great, very beautiful; however, they pale in comparison to you. You are a beautiful person because you shine from the inside out.
              Happy to have seen you online with us. Keep on recovering.

              My Buddies - pkdoll, Marion and CraftyScraps



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                These are so wonderful, thank you so much Mary Ann. It is so great to see you back here even once in a while. A big Happy Birthday to you and your son!


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                  Oh, Mary Ann, thank you so much for the lovely kits! They are truly lovely. And of couse, the loveliest gift of all, is hearing from you and knowing that you are getting better each day. Can't wait to have you back full time.

                  Have a wonderful time, dear heart!


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                    Wow, it is your birthday, but we are getting the presents!!!
                    Thanks so much, so glad to hear from you! And have a wonderful birthday, You deserve it!


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                      Happy Birthday to you

                      Your work is stunning as always.
                      so happy to see you are so much better.
                      take care
                      and hope you had a wonderfull day
                      and tomorow another b-day.
                      have fun!
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                        Happy Birthday!

                        I was wondering how you have been after you're ordeal...

                        Thanks for the presents!

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                          Hi, Mary Ann!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          Oh! Mary Ann, as I am happy in reviewing it my friend, e to know that this recouped that God he blesses, desire - it one Happy birthday to you e also to its son ok, many but many happinesses same, you e person wonderful I have immense affection for you ok

                          Thanks gifs
                          wonderful works




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                            My dear Mary Ann
                            HHHHHAAPPPPY Birhtday Bella!!!!! have a great day in family and greettings toooo for tomorrow, God bless you

                            Thanks for sharing your fantastic work
                            Sacannon, Granny, Marion, Eye, OnieRN, *Eng*,Rosana,Angelwithin, Jamiept son mis amigas!!!!!


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                              Your birthday! Why is it not on the calendar? It's nearly 11:30pm and our days nearly over. We should have made cards and given you prezzies and here you are giving us prezzies. Thank you, it's always such a treat to see your work. I hope you are taking care and not overdoing it. Hugz and kisses xxx
                              My BUDDIES Crops, Eye, Jazz, Smile, Sue, Rosana,twpclerk, Moonlightpearl and Vanessa