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  • Fixed Gizmo Words6

    Here are the FIXED Gizmo Words for your enjoyment. These cannot be sold for profit and if anyone would like to purchase the individual alphabet set, you can go to

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    Thank you

    Thanks again for all your work they are great!


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      cool..... thanks!
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        Got a question for Gizmo

        went to the website creative delights............ If I purchase these, will each letter be individual files or will they all be on one file? If I have to separate the letters, then I do not want them. Don't want to buy any until I know.


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          This might help

          Hi OnieRN,

          I don't know if I'm giving you the right answer because I'm a techno dummy, but I have purchased Letter Delights alphabets for years for my paper scrapping. You just type in what you want to say and it comes up that way using the letters. You don't have to import the letters one by one.

          Hope that helps. Also, the alphabets, etc., will start being transparent .png files shortly. Right now they have a little white edge.

          I hope I understood your question; otherwise, you've just read a lot of useless info!


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            ANother question Gizmo

            So will the letters appear as a FONT? I'm not sure how you use them. I thought these would be as an Embellishment rather than a Font. So if I understand, you treat it as if you are journaling or doing a caption rather than individual letters across the page. I hope you understand what I am asking. I may need to purchase one to try out but where will it be installed? Can I put it in the Embellishments?
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            My Buddies are Maggie Mae, Knzus,Gotart, Patty, Mom7911, Winnie49, JAMIEPT, TWPClerk, and Poppabob



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              I have a Q???

              OK Girl

              When you go on this site and buy Fonts
              Do they send them or do you download from them
              And where are the as i am in Australia
              And is there any free samples We all like Free samples



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                Lettering Delight Alphabets

                All Alphabets and Fonts are downloadable from their site when you purchase them. When you purchase $50.00 worth, they also send you a CD. You can download a FREE image browser that you create a word or phrase with and save it as an BMP image. Then what I do is open the image in PaintShop Pro and remove the background and save it as a PNG image.

                In September they will have a new browser that will create transparent background image.

                Hope that answer's your question.


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                  New information

                  I went and checked out Lettering Delight website for their new browser and here's what I found:

                  Lettering Delights is happy to bring you a great surprise to kick off summer scrapbooking: a new Lettering Delights browser! The Creative Delights Companion has a fresh new look and, more importantly, great new features. The most exciting change is that it supports new transparent alphabets and Journaling Delights. This means no more white spaces around individual letters and Journaling Delights images. And layering alphabets on Journaling Delights will be a cinch.

                  Beginning August 1, all new Lettering Delights products will be transparent and will require the Creative Delights Companion to function properly.

                  The new browser is available NOW!