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My daughter's wedding day.

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  • My daughter's wedding day.

    My daughter asked me to scrap her wedding day and I have been making her a full album because there are so many photo's that how can you possibly choose one or two.

    All of the papers, embellishments, overlays and little nick nacks were made by me apart from the double tag on the front cover and the heart on a pin. These came from a tag tutorial by Xcluzive-Dzigns.

    I have loads more pages like this, but I am still journalling them.

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    These are beautiful!

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      Wow, very pretty!


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        These are so pretty! So is your daughter! The little ones dresses were adorable!

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          Originally posted by fourfoxes View Post
          These are so pretty! So is your daughter! The little ones dresses were adorable!
          Thank you Debbie, Just another of my hobbies.


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            Originally posted by Vanessa View Post
            Thank you Debbie, Just another of my hobbies.
            Another one of your hobbies--as in you made the dresses?
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              Beautiful!! Great use of the Sinedots filter. I love using those.

              Very lovely!!


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                  Beautifull Vanessa.


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                    I surely did, my daughter thinks "Mom can do anything" and I ended up making the bridesmaids dresses, a ring cushion for my grandson to carry, the wedding cake, my daughter's wedding dress, my other daughter's outfit, loving balls for the little girls to carry and my daughter's bouquet. And she still expected me to go over and do her hair and makeup beforehand. I was a very busy bunny for quite a few months, but then again, if you are anything like me, you find it difficult to say "No" to your children too. It was worth it.


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                      What a bundle of talent you are....and a brilliant scraper too.! I wish I could do all that. I tried making clothes and put the wrong its together LOL. Flower arranging, don't even go there. Hair and make good either
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                        Strangely "eng" these are all things I learned to do at school. I don't know what the schooling system was like here in the 70's because I grew up overseas. We had segregated schools - no boys allowed - and it was widely believed that all girls had to learn to sew, cook, type (because there were no such things as female mechanics back then) and of course we also had to learn how to make the home nice by arranging flowers. God how pretentious do I sound? And surprise, surprise these were all part of the "O" Level (now I am really showing my age) curriculum. I wonder what our kids today would make of having to do this?